This Corrupt Police website is not anti-Police as many would suggest, on he contrary, there are some good police officers out there and I know a few. What we aim to expose select corruption within the Police (and other law related organisations) which is an endemic as reported  by ‘The Independent’ Newspaper and many other sites.

It is ironic that the Police do not like this website, the obvious question is why?  Surely the Police force (the good guys) would want the corruption rooted out.  If a Police officer can hand on heart say, they are not corrupt or have turned a blind eye to corruption/ misconduct, then they are on the same side as me. And that is the irony, even though this site show blatant corruption and wrongdoing, the alleged ‘good guys’ turn a blind eye, say I am anti Police which is so untrue.

This Corrupt police website highlights only corruption in the UK, most of which relates in some way to a single family who are  the victims of Police misconduct since 2013 after they inadvertently reported a crime committed by a Police Informer from Skelmersdale.

A Police Informer is the reasons for this site


After many repeated reports to Police about this Police Informer, the family noticed how Lancashire Police seemed to be doing anything within their power to avoid bringing any charges against him.   After months and months of persistent attacks, all ignored by Lancashire Police, the victims mentioned online that Lancashire Police were protecting a Police Informer.  This ultimately resulted the victims arrest which has now been well documented in the national press.  The victim was fully acquitted and the Magistrates noted how the prosecution appeared malicious.

As a result, the family (who have never had an Police issues in the past), have been the target of Lancashire Police and Merseyside Police who seem dead set on shutting them up and discrediting them.  There are dozens of Police complaints all under ‘investigation’ by the Police themselves.  IPCC have been involved in a few which have all been upheld.

This website shows Corrupt Police in a news style website about incidents that they are involved in or are related to friends.  All articles on this site are backed by evidence, some is displayed on the site, some is withheld.

We all pay our taxes which pays the Police, it eats me up that I pay and get targeted because some low life police snitch who the police protect,  just because it helps with their crime statistics!  And I though the Police are supposed to help Victims!


    • Hi Laura, the site is generally about corruption that members have witnessed. You are free to discuss and provide new public posts within the forum.

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