Andy Woodward accused of rape, victim speaks out

Andy Woodward Accused of Rape

Ex Footballer, Andy Woodard was ‘sacked‘ on 4th November 2016 from Lancashire Police for a rape allegation, (now further assault allegations and text messages suggesting inappropriate comments to a 14 year old girl) yet, only one week later, the shamed Lancashire cop, Andy Woodward ran to the press (note: not the Police), to report that he himself was allegedly raped years ago. Does the timing of this seem a little strange to you?

UPDATE, Evidence of rape investigation released (CLICK HERE)

UPDATE, Victim releases text messages (CLICK HERE)

Rape Definition by the CPS.

Allegations of Rape against Andy Woodward the ex professional footballer (and now ex Police Officer) has recently hit the UK headline news for of sexual abuse against him in the 70’s & 80’s days after he himself was sacked for a rape accusation.  There is no allegation what he says is untrue, but his timing for reporting this after he was sacked for the same allegation, should be questioned.

What seems to have been omitted from his ‘suspiciously timed‘ recent mainstream news interviews, is that he had, only one week before , been dismissed with immediate affect from Lancashire Police for an allegation of Rape! (read here)

Further information has come to light about Andy Woodward assaulting at least 4 other women. (read here)

Not one main steam media outlet has mentioned that Andy Woodward was himself a reported rapist.

It is disgusting how a dismissed & disgraced Lancashire Police Officer can get so much airtime,  simply because he is an ex Professional Footballer with a rape allegation against him… what about his poor alleged rape victim who seems to be brushed aside and has to watch with distress seeing his face on every news report and TV show!  BBC have visited our website and viewed the text messages, yet they have not reported on this.

While no criminal charges were brought against the shamed Lancashire Police Officer, a criminal investigation did ‘allegedly’ take place by Lancashire Police but apparently CPS did not charge. It appears the investigation was thwarted by the  lack of understanding how the victim was emotionally manipulated by Woodward.

Woodward was subjected to a Police Misconduct Hearing and was dismissed on 12 counts of gross Misconduct, without notice.  This is not the first time Police have let down a rape victim.

I have spoken with the victim who is devastated that CPS did not charge Woodward for her alleged rape, but she did get some comfort that her attacker was punished by dismissal, albeit it not a criminal charge.  Only days later, Woodward’s victim was again mortified to see Andy Woodward appear on all media outlets including TV, Radio, Twitter, Facebook, all broadcasting how he [Woodward] was himself a victim of sexual abuse, yet he was apparently and intentionally hiding his own dismissal from the Police and the reasons from the media.  The timing of him contacting the media seems to be suspiciously timed, right after his dismissal for a similar crime!

The following is a statement from Andy Woodward’s victim, who at this time has chosen to remain anonymous.

I met Andy Woodward in 2014 when he was allocated to my family by the police as a family liaison officer.

Between January and June of 2015, Andy told me about his abuse at the hands of Bennell and used this to emotionally manipulate me. His sexual touching whilst on duty escalated to him raping me at his home address.

When I said I was going to speak to someone, he threatened to kill himself. I was left feeling completely responsible for his welfare and was terrified he would end his life. This man destroyed my life. I had to close my business as I was unable to function on a day to day basis. I was left having panic attacks and nightmares.

While I still empathise with what he has been through, he was dismissed from the police force for gross misconduct. What he did to me should not be overlooked and as he acted in a practised manner, I’m absolutely certain there are other victims out there.

He’s never once acknowledged he has done wrong or shown any remorse. The Police misconduct panel acknowledged that he showed no remorse for his actions

Numerous press outlets are too scared to publish this story, why?  Simply because they jump on the bandwagon and not really interested in the victim.  If they were, they would report this victims statement against Woodward.

I encourage you to share this article far and wide.  

There are other victims of alleged rape here and due to press control, not all victims are getting a fair hearing, ask yourself this, if this victim was you sister, your daughter or your mother, would think differently?

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  1. I think it’s a shame that you use phrases such as “allegedly” investigated and “apparently” CPS did not charge. I think it devalues the obvious hard work you put into supporting victims. It suggests a cover up. Respectfully that is a little childish I know that actually the most unlikely scenario is a cover up. Police invest a lot of time in weeding out people like Woodward this is clearly evidenced in the number of misconduct charges that secures this persons quick dismissal. Rape investigations fail for myriad of reasons, often because it is impossible to pass the evidential test to secure a court case.

    • I understand your point. The reason for ‘allegedly’ and ‘supposedly’ is that we do NOT know how thorough the investigation was, and Police have a direct ability to sway a charging decision. The evidential test is a full code test, 1. public interest (Tick), 2. reasonable prospect of conviction (depends on investigation). All rapes are 1 word against another. Looking at the evidence, I see a reasonable prospect of conviction and there are elements of the evidence that were not investigate which I will not disclose here. Certainly, the characters history and other allegations made against him did NOT come into play. There is something very suspicious about the whole incident and seems like Lancashire Police simply did not want it reported that a police officer was sacked, and certainly did not want the rape (allegation) hitting the press hence the private hearing.

  2. I think it’s a shame that you use phrases such as “allegedly” investigated and “apparently” CPS did not charge. I think it devalues the obvious hard work you put into supporting victims

  3. I think the timing of his release to the press is a red herring in this as a number of the stories from the guardian state how the reporter had been getting to know Andy over ‘weeks’.

    I would suspect he would have had to divulge the hearing that was pending and they held back publication until after the verdict.

    Only a theory but still.

    It’s a strange story overall woth Andy obviously being a victim and also being portrayed here as an abuser.

  4. how come your privvy to all this info ? if the abused has gone on to abuse i will have no respect for him however he has not been found guilty has he ? text messages are a cause for concern but dont tell a full story zelda is the key to this and no doubt if they ever fall out i will await her story serialised in sun on sunday its how these things work unfortunately

    • Hi Tracy, this is unfortunately the way stories run. I know the victim and am assisting trying to get this to the press who have so far reported on the main story they feel gets them more readers rather than the truth. A sad fact of British media although a number of media outlets are in discussions at the moment. No, he has not been found guilty, not even charged. Strange he was a serving Police officer when charges were dropped. Police would hate to be found to have employed a cop with clear mental issues them place him as a family liaison officer..!

    • Jean, I am warning you that your comments are causing harassment alarm and distress to the victim and will be noted for Police. I believe you are Woodward’s Mother but to much of a coward to admit it, however your IP address does not lie. No more of your trolling messages will be published but will be retained for the Police.

  5. In June of 2015 she made a cake for her ‘abuser’ put it on her Facebook saying !I have made this for someone extra special’ meaning Andy Woodward she included him in her message, why would you do this months after you had been raped by this person? I have seen the picture from an aquaintence of hers, if she was raped why was it not reported, she did it after he left his wife for Zelda she must have thought she had a future with him, as I said a women scorned. She needs to get on with her life and let the FA and police do the good work he has started

    • Holly, I have reason to believe from your IP address that you have been given a harassment warning to leave the victim alone.

      While Andy did start the ball rolling, he is NO LONGER REQUIRED and his interaction is only causing more distress to other victims. This is not the only victim, there is a 14 year old child and 4 other woman so please get off your high horse defending the abuser!

  6. If all the allegations of touching up girls were right and the sexual comment to his daughter as well, of course that is absolutely wrong and must be condemned. But it also shows typical acting out behavior by him. I am not sure the messages are real, you could easily fake messages. It would help if Zelda Worthington herself would come out an comment on that .

    • I am not sure how you could fake messages, besides, this is not what this website is about. The text messages are real and still on the phone tied to the original mobile number and verified. The Police have evidence of allegations made by Zelda herself.

  7. Are you enjoying this you pathetic creature he is saving lives and you and her are just after fame what a load of bull**** get a grip !! How can you make a living out of this ? she needs to move on it’s over no charge no rape! Stalker comes to mind!

    • Rubbish, no charge does not mean no rape. Answer the questions or do you support Andy Woodward touching up woman for the thrill of it? And do you support Andy Woodward with his sexual comments to a 14 year old girl. How is he saving lives, cos he runs to the press the minute he is sacked. You call me a stalker, I am reporting on facts, I have seen hard evidence and more will follow tomorrow. How the hell can you support this man after what he has done to these woman!

      The victim is not after fame, she wants her life back and seeing Andy Woodward on the TV, on the Radio on every website is destroying her life further.

      15,000 page visitors and climbing, this will be reported in the mainstream media, it is only fair his other side is shown before everyone thinks he is some sort of hero!

      Even Andy Woodward’s own mother has been given a harassment warning by Police for attacking the victim.

      Oh, and I do not make a living out of this, this is 100% free support I give to all victims of Police assaults.

    • I think the only one wanting fame here is Andrew Woodward, trying to make himself out to be the victim and release his name just when he is sacked from the police for suspected rape – why else would he be suspended for 18 months then sacked ? Everyone sees he can turn on the tears like a tap, what a manipulative person he is hopefully it will not be too long before everyone sees the true Andrew Woodward for what he really is

    • I have no idea what you are on about, please verify? Are you aware that was her trade?

      You failed to reply about my previous comments so it is pretty obvious you have no answer but are desperate, yes, DESPERATE, to uses a cake as a defence of rape?

      Non consensual sex is RAPE. Many rape victims who are mentally and emotionally controlled by their attacker do not see it as rape until they see sense or speak to someone who makes them see what was done was wrong.

      It is clear to me that Andy Woodward was manipulative, I have seen the texts from his current partner. I have seen texts from him to the victim and also aware Andy Woodward walked out on his previous wife (also in the Police) around the time of the rape allegation.

      There are many unanswered questions,

      Why did he run to the Press (not the police) a week after getting sacked.

      Plus, please answer these questions?

      Are you okay with his sexual comments to a 14 year old girl, his partners daughter?
      Are you okay with his partner telling that he has ‘touched up’ 4 other girls?
      Are you okay that he admitted to getting a thrill out of touching up girls?

    • So,
      Are you okay with his sexual comments to a 14 year old girl, his partners daughter?
      Are you okay with his partner telling that he has ‘touched up’ 4 other girls?
      Are you okay that he admitted to getting a thrill out of touching up girls?

      Are you Jean!

  8. Emm! Why did this women bake a cake for her ‘alleged ‘ abuser 3 months after the alleged ‘ rape ‘ saying it was for a ‘very special person’ very strange ! Looks like a women scorned who is after publicity

    • Holly, you are a nasty piece of work. All you appear to be doing is trying to pick holes in a rape victims account. Have you seen the text messages, and still attack the victim! There is plenty more evidence soon to come out.

  9. Nothing has been omitted, this is not a full Police report. In reply to your question, they had become friends. A friend should not rape another friend!

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