Andy Woodward Victims text messages emerge

Andy Woodward Text Message

Police Rape Investigation released.(CLICK HERE)

A victim of Andy Woodward’s has divulged worrying text messages that were sent to her, (around March this year) from Andy Woodward’s current partner, Zelda Worthington.  The text messages from Zelda Worthington are in white (left side), the text in green (right side) is another victim of Andy Woodward who we will call ‘Amanda‘ to hide her identity. (not her real name).

Some of the texts show Andy Woodward’s partner, Zelda Worthington, telling ‘Amanda’ how she feared Woodward, how he threatened to spread malicious rumours to discredit her, when she seemed worried about was her children.  She explained how drunken Andy Woodward made inappropriate sexual comments to her 14 year old daughter.  Also revealed is Woodward’s version (in Zelda’s words), an alleged rape against ‘Amanda’.

Read some of the worrying messages below…

I think it about time the national press looked into this.  It is frightening how Andy Woodward can be on every media channel talking about abuse, saying victims should be heard.  I think there is ‘reasonable suspicion’ that he has also been the abuser and his victims have a right to be heard.


Even Andy Woodwards own Mother has been given a Police harassment warning for contacting his victim.



Seems like the Police strategy failed, I wonder if they really attempted to prove his manipulation.





Emotional blackmail.


Zelda confirms their are witnesses and will likely speak to Police.


Zelda states Police failed to informer her that she was living with a Police officer accused of sexual allegations.  Why would the Police allow this knowing there were children in the hose he was staying.



Confirmation from Zelda Worthington that Andy Woodward has allegedly touched up (that is, sexually assaulted) 4 other girls, in a 9 month period AFTER he was accused of rape.



Controlling Andy Woodward threatens to kill himself.



Evidence that Andy Woodward is manipulative.  One of the reasons Lancashire Police / CPS dropped charges.  You would think Police would investigate a little deeper!


Allegations that Lancashire Police failed to inform Zelda she was living with a Police officers who had an allegation of rape against him, knowing she had children.



Allegations of drink driving.  Andy Woodward was a serving Police officer at the time.



Zelda Worthington confirms that Andy Woodward alleged to have lied to get into the Police saying he lied on all of the forms.



Zelda Worthington alleging that Andy Woodward was driving under the influence of alcohol.



In this messages, from Zelda Worthington states that she caught Woodward in a sexual act with another woman.  Woodward was alleged to have threatened suicide as well as saying he could not remember the incident.



Another text from Zelda to ‘Amanda’ telling her that Andy Woodward had threatened her that he will tell her ex husband that she is a drug user and alcoholic.



In this text message, Zelda Worthington tells victim  ‘Amanda’, that she feared Woodward would kill himself and his family, and suggests odd and inappropriate things going on.  Zelda goes on to say Woodward got thrills from touching up Girls.




Zelda tell ‘Amanda’ that she knows the identities of the girls Andy Woodward ‘allegedly’ inappropriately touched. She is worried about her children if the Police are involved and Woodward finds out.



Zelda makes a sickening comment that Andy Woodward made an inappropriate sexual comment to a 14 year old girl (her daughter), telling the youngster when he was drunk that he got a ‘hard on’ in a hair dressers.



Zelda tells ‘Amanda’ how Andy Woodward threatened Zelda with malicious rumours if she told anyone of her assaults.  Also allegations that Andy Woodward take drugs.



Zelda tells ‘Amanda’ what Andy Woodward had told her about ‘Amanda’s’ report of rape.




Zelda tells Amanda that she thinks Woodward drugged her.  Amanda believes Woodward did the same to her.




Zelda tells Amanda how Andy Woodward sexually assaulted her while she slept.



Zelda tells Amanda about here worries about informing the authorites because of her ex husband.  Zelda appears fearful around Woodward.




Zelda again emphases about her worry for her children.

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  1. Zelda is now a director of the “Offside Trust”

    Has Zelda sold out survivors for money/status? Is Zelda going to ignore the fears she has about Mr Woodward’s predatory behaviour, and help market Mr Woodward as a victim?

    If she does, she isn’t worthy of being a mother.

  2. The messages sent from his partner are disgusting. Sorry, but they are. If you can’t live with someone, leave him. Obviously she knew about the CSA and that he used suicide as blackmail, so she should have either stick with him and support him or leave him but to sent these messages behind his back is just nasty.

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