Appeal to ex Lancashire Inspector Charlie Cox

Inspector Charlie Cox Lancashire Police
Inspector Charlie Cox Lancashire Police

This is an appeal to ex Lancashire Police Inspector, Charlie Cox.  We are asking that you come forward as a whistleblower to clear your name.

Charlie Cox left Lancashire police around March 2017. This was around the time an investigation relating to him was completed.  The outcome not disclosed to us, the victims, so far 2 months later. (May 2017)

Charlie Cox left a 12 year career in the Police reaching  the rank of Inspector. He left at the time an investigation into his conduct was underway. He joined a company, Agilisys, in the private sector who, astonishingly supply service in the public sector including Schools and Hospitals. Not to mention almost 50% of the business of Agilisys relates to the Human Rights Act..!

We know the orders of corruption will have come from above and Cox followed them.  We have uncovered corruption now at the rank of Superintendent with Supt Thistlethwaite and Supt Jenny Gomery.

This makes Charlie Cox, complicit in the corruption which is a criminal offence.

All we are trying to do is uncover corruption in Lancashire police and will re-consider our stance of taking a private prosecution against you (as we did with another Lancashire Inspector) for your part in this if you come forward.

We suspect that his departure relates to the outcome of a complaint we have against Cox.  The conclusion of the investigation by Cumbria was given to Lancashire Police over 2 months ago (March 2017).  We have NOT been told the outcome, however, in March 2017 Charlie Cox mysteriously leaves the police.

You have our details and communication will be in confidence.  If you prefer, please contact our solicitors at DPP Law in Liverpool to make arrangements.

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  1. I have been abused by Lancashire Police since 2008, for my gender & autism. Insp Cox covered up a complaint against Sgt 4129 Davis. Then he left force week after IPCC passed my complaint to psd. PSD not investigated.

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