Crime Commissioner Jane Kennedy turns blind eye to corruption

Merseyside’s Police and Crime Commissioner Jane Kennedy has been provided with evidence of corruption within Merseyside police yet turned a blind eye.

A letter from an MP was sent to Jane Kennedy to which she simply refused to investigate even in light of the substantial evidence she had been provided with.

Serious allegations of police corruption were provided to the Crime Commissioner and Local MP, as Merseyside police themselves tried brushing the allegations under the carpet.

After many complaints, the evidence was provided to Jane Kennedy as she has authority over the force (Chief Constable).  She replied stating corruption was dealt with as an operational issue and she can only deal with the Chief Constable.. the person over the entire police force.

So, allegations of corruption, supported by evidence should and could (and most likely has) been seen by the chief constable… so, how does it stop.



More to follow…

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