DC 1092 Harrison (nee Johnson) LIES about magistrates comments

After a recent court order to release documents,  DC Harrison (nee Johnson) has been found to have falsified magistrate’s comments onto the police computer system.

Lancashire police unlawfully arrested me and followed this with a malicious prosecution.  (magistrates confirmed the arrest was unlawful)

One of the charges was that Paul Turner, a known police informer from Skelmersdale had reported me for Malicious Communication.

The reason for this allegation was that I blogged about police turning on me because I reported the police informer for threatening to kill my wife and children.

Police pursued the prosecution against me (maliciously and without CPS advice), even though the ingredients for Malicious Communications are that it must be grossly offensive, and untrue. It was neither!

The court was unaware that prior to me publishing this evidence proving  that police were protecting a police informer, the informer, Paul Turner (the disgusting malicious bastard), had posted dozens of malicious comments online calling me a paedophile and saying I abused my children.

This IS grossly offensive and most certainly untrue.  What did the policed o about this…. fuck all.

After leaving the court, DC 1092 DC Harrison (nee Johnson), fabricated evidence on the police computer system about what the magistrate said.

DC Harrison claimed that the magistrate had said that Malicious Communication and harassment from Paul Turner against me was also unfounded.  this is totally FALSE there was absolutely NO mention of his crimes against me.

The magistrate made no summing up at all stating what Paul Turner did was not criminal, we have published the full magistrates notes!

The magistrate made no such comment, what DC Harrison did was Misconduct.  

The lying cop DC 1092 Harrison (nee Johnson) intentionally added this to the police computer system so that police would not prosecute Turner.



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