IPCC rule DS Langton to face misconduct hearing over data breach of a child

DS Andy Langton of Lancashire Police has been found to have a case to answer by the IPCC for a serious data breach against a child.

The IPCC (now the IOPC) have decided that DS Andy Langton must face a misconduct meeting.

A complaint was sent to Lancashire police PSD (Professional Standards Department) about DS Andy Langton for disclosing sensitive data about a child to a known police informant in Skelmersdale , but Lancashire deemed his actions were ‘acceptable’ and refused to take any action, saying DS Langton had ‘no case to answer‘.  This decision was made by no other than the ‘scarlet pimpernel‘ Charlie Cox (ex-Inspector)


The IPCC stepped in and insisted that the data breach was serious and instructed police to re-investigate.

Lancashire undertook a re-investigation and decided that DS Langton was to receive ‘words of advice‘.  Simply put, no action other than a slap on the wrist!

This again was appealed to the IPCC who again, overruled Lancashire Police and again UPHELD the complaint and decided that DS Andy Langton should face a misconduct hearing.

This is not the first time that Lancashire police have blatantly refused to investigate DS Langton.

More to follow on this story…

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