Help Identify Criminal Cop protected by Lancashire Police force

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Please help Identify this criminal cop, PROTECTED by Lancashire police.

This has perverted the course of Justice!

During an unlawful arrest in 2014, a Lancashire police officer ASSAULTED me while I was in need or emergency medical attention.

After trying for 4 years to get this identity of this cop, Lancashire Police have denied access to his name, even stating they cannot identify him, well, new evidence has come to light  (Lancashire police had this all the time).

The evidence shows that they know exactly who ho is, PS Eckersley can be seen chatting to him. PS Eckersley was also accused of assault but Lancashire Police refused to investigate!

This is an appeal to find the identity of this criminal cop who has been defended by a CORRUPT police force for 4 years.


A legal argument is now being drafted for bringing criminal charges against this officer.

Time Delays in Charging

“From time to time, there may be exceptional circumstances where a case would ordinarily be considered more suitable for being charged as Common Assault under this Charging Standard, but more than six months has passed since the incident complained of. In such circumstances it may be appropriate (where the injuries were more than ‘transient and trifling’) to charge an offence of ABH, but great care must be taken in making such a decision.”

Such a course of action may be argued as being an abuse of process, and it is therefore necessary to clearly establish the reason for not bringing summary proceedings within six months (or laying a protective information within that time). Issues around the nature and complexity of the investigation will be relevant, as will be the stage at which the case was referred by the police. In determining whether the preferring of a charge of ABH in these circumstances is manifestly an abuse of process, or whether in fact it would be regarded as an affront to justice for proceedings not to be brought, reference should be had to the Legal Guidance chapter on Abuse of Process.

PLEASE COMMENT below if you know this cops name.

Standing by cell door AFTER he assaulted me.


Standing by cell door AFTER he assaulted me waiting for me to limp out. Put your arm down mate, your BO is worse than the pepper spray!


Deep in though after the satisfaction of assaulting someone


Standing by cell door


Standing by cell door


Standing by cell door Skelmersdale Police station


Close up. Little shit house hiding behind the police force. We SEE YOU
Talking to PC Eckersley.  Funny how no one knows this cop freely wandering around a police station.  Does Sgt Eckersley still say he does not know him? Is Sgt Stephen Eckersley a liar.
Another of him talking to PC Eckersley.  Funny how no one knows this cop.  Does Sgt Eckersley still say he does not know him? Is Sgt Stephen Eckersley a liar. Maybe they were talking about how they were going to cover up this assault.


PC Eckersley standing watching me walked out of cell, like the fat cat that got the cream!


PS Eckersley  watching his prey, fat pervert!


Video evidence coming soon.




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