Inspector Charlie Cox leaves Lancashire Police while under investigation

Inspector Charlie Cox Lancashire Police
Inspector Charlie Cox Lancashire Police

Lancashire Police Inspector Charlie Cox has left Lancashire Constabulary while under investigation. (see appeal to Charlie Cox)

Inspector Charlie Cox is still the subject of a number of serious allegations some of which are criminal.

We received this confirmation that Charlie Cox has left the police force (see email below) and now in the public sector working for the private sector at agilisys.

ex corrupt police officer Charlie Cox is now working in a senior position at Agilisys, we wonder if they are aware of his significant number of outstanding complaints? Why would they want such a ‘tainted’ ex-police officer?

A petition to bring criminal charges against Charlie Cox has over 1100 signatures and rising.

In fact, search this website to see all complaint and illegal activity that Charlie Cox is involved in.


We have a number of complaints against Charlie Cox, yet Lancashire PSD has not updated us on them and not informed us the officer has actually left the Police.

We are looking into this further, if you have any information, please contact us.


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