Inspector Jolly of Lancs Police refuses to investigate Malicious Communications

Inspector Jolly of Lancashire Police has refused to take a statement off a witness who has been maliciously branded a paedophile on the internet.

Not only was this innocent man accused of being investigated of crimes against children which is grossly offensive and untrue.  The vicious offender who is known to police and has a criminal record even went on to send further malicious information about the victim to people via private messages.

The private messages confirmed that the offender was targetting the victim.

The private messages even relayed a falsified incident to the recipient relating to contact with a minor.

This is a clear breach of the Malicious Communications Act and Inspector Jolly is fully aware of this but due to a vendetta against the victim, Inspector Jolly refused to take a statement and closed the report.

Inspector Jolly has shown a vendetta to the same victim before

A complaint has been made against Inspector Jolly and the incident is being overlooked by MP, Rosie Cooper and the Lancashire Police and Crime Commissioner, Clive Grunshaw (not holding our breath on the PCC though).

More to be added…

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