Inspector Jolly made crime VICTIM who was WRONGFULLY arrested WAIT months before telling him he is NOT a suspect

A victim of crime who was violently assaulted by a ‘feral family’ on Scott Estate in Ormskirk for the 2nd time, was arrested himself for ‘being assaulted‘.

Lancashire police have a vendetta against the victim, so even with the conclusive evidence from 3 separate CCTV cameras showing the victim being violently assaulted, the police arrested him INSTEAD of the feral family.

The victim was amazed to be arrested and driven in the back of a police van to a police station almost 30 miles away and locked up all day, damaging the victims business.  On interview, the victim was shown the 3 CCTV camera recordings (one of which the victim recorded on his own phone).

The victims phone clearly shows him being cowardly punched in the face by Dane Harrison, (a known feral kid from Sephton Drive) when the victim sat in his car facing the other way arguing with the kids father, James Harrison.  Dane Harrison then punched the victim and then grabbed the victims phone (Samsung Galaxy S7) about £500..! which was damaged during the assault and theft.

The two separate and independent CCTV systems show the victim get out of his car to get his phone but was then pounced on by around 6 men, violently kicking and punching him in the head, back and ribs.

Police persistently tried to get the victim to say he assaulted (punched) the attacker.  When the victim was seen to reach out to grab the attacker to get his phone back that was stolen,  it was 100% clear in the CCTV that the victim did not punch or attempt to punch the thief (Dane Harrison) yet Lancashire Police tried to get the victim to admit an assault that simply did not happen.

After the interview, the victim was told that he would be informed if he would be charged as soon as possible, even though there is 100% evidence he was the victim!

About 8 weeks later, the victim spoke with Inspector Adrian Jolly of Lancashire police relating to another incident.  After an irate conversation, the victim managed to get Inspector Adrian Jolly to admit that he, the victim, was in fact assaulted and that he did NOT assault his attacker.  The conversation was recorded but we have not heard it yet and hope to publish it with the victims permission.

It is important to note, police had all of this evidence BEFORE the victim was maliciously arrested.  Even though he [Jolly] admitted that the victim did not commit a crime, Inspector Adrian Jolly did admit he was ‘considering‘ telling him (the victim) by letter that he will not be charged (considering….) but NOT before the investigation is over!  When pushed, Jolly admitted the only investigation now was exactly who assaulted the victim.

So, it has been established that the victim did NOTHING (which was known at the very start), but he has been kept waiting and wondering if he will be charged for something he didn’t do.  Not to mention an unlawful arrest!

We have also been told that Inspector Adrian Jolly threatened to SUE the victim if he mentioned his name (Adrian Jolly) on the internet.  Why would a police officer do that?

We have found out that police arrested the victim for saying he refused to attend a voluntary interview!  The victim has recorded conversations to show that this is not true.

The victim tells us that he was then arrest for assault, affray, harassment & using a mobile phone when driving!

The assault and affray was for ‘being assaulted and being beaten up by 5 people’

The harassment was because he drove past the attackers home and stopped when the attack beckoned him to come back after he passed!

The using a mobile while driving was for recording the criminal actions of the attackers while being stationary.


Let this be a warning to ANYONE driving. We do not condone using a phone when driving, but this is evidence that the police WILL, even if you had to use your phone camera to record a crime in progress, they WILL attempt to prosecute you.


  1. Sounds like an ordeal I hope the victim is okay although I dont condone using a mobile phone when driving. There are websites for people like that.

    • haha, let me guess who you are (feral family member) 🙂 VPN from Italy…

      fpmsl…. put the child in fear…. are you talking about the ‘5ft 11 child‘ that sneaked up on the car and punched the victim in the face for no reason, then stolen his phone and broke it! you mean this poor terrified child? I hear this ‘child’ is looking to be an academy footballer… lets hope his feral antics do not lose his career goals!

      Lets see how it pans out in court then eh!

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