Lancashire Police allow offender to keep on offending in Chorley

Lancashire Police are apparently at it again by allowing criminals to walk free.

This incident happened on Granville Road in Chorley. Lancashire.

A report was made to police of a break and entry burglary which also included criminal damage to the neighbours CCTV, fortunately, not before the CCTV got a clear image of the offender.

The offender is believed to be known to police yet, so far, the offender has not been apprehended nor has the weapon the offender was using been collected from the location of the offence.







The hammer was used to break the window and no doubt would have been used as a weapon if the offender was approached.

A neighbour reported the hammer to police and even days after the attack it was left at the scene so to avoid loss of evidence, the neighbour put it in a plastic bag.  So far, it has still not been collected.






The CCTV camera was smashed off the wall by the offender which is criminal damage.  You would think police would prosecute for this alone.

The offender escaped with a DAB radio as seen on CCTV which caught the offender after it had been smashed off the wall and was dangling.

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