Lancashire Police Allow UNKNOWN Police Officer into cell to assault detainee.

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New evidence of this cop is here: NEW EVIDENCE HERE

Lancashire Police have now confirmed that they do not know who this man is, dressed as a Police Officer, who walked into Skelmersdale Police station, then into a cell I was being held and and then assaulting me when having a suspected heart attack.

I provided them with photographs (below) of the Policeman who assaulted me and they state

We are unable to locate any record of the officer requested; therefore we are unable to provide you with information relating to this.

The subject Access request is below with their response.

This photograph is of the police officer whose name I want, without such, I cannot make a formal complaint and cannot bring a private prosecution for assault as the police clearly have no intention of holding him to account.  Notice, he is NOT wearing any collar numbers on his shoulder… tut tut tut.

Lancashire police Dress Code states “The rules, revealed to a member of the public following a freedom of information request, also reveal that Lancashire police officers must show police identification numbers on all outer garments

So, this police officer fails to show his identification number, assaults a detainee and them police refuse to identify him.

The exact time and date is known yet they still do not know who it is.


I know this is not an unknown person allowed into a Police station.  This is a police officer that is being protected from a criminal offence assault!  If this is not perverting the course of justice, then what is!!!


The full details of the assault is here

Police Officer assaulted detained man when having heart attack



  1. The officer is clearly a taser officer – not everyone is.
    Ask them for a list of officer working at that time who carry taser – in Skem it will only be one or two officers

  2. Disgusting… I was assaulted by TWO males that were “armed reponse unit” I went back 3 or 4 weeks later to answer bail and ALL charges against me were dropped because the TWO “OFFICERS” didn’t exsist… I was only 16 at the time. It was more of a sexual assault than anything else. They choose me because I was heavily intoxicated. It sickens me that these people get away with this!


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