Lancashire Police BLOCK investigation into UNLAWFUL Firearm use

A complaint by a family member has been submitted to police via the IPCC.

The complaint is that a police officer unlawfully used his PAVA spray on a victim. (ruled by magistrate)

PAVA is a Section 5 Firearm.

Read Police guidance on the use of incapacitant spray here

A magistrate ruled that the police officer who used the PAVA was “NOT acting in the execution of his duty” (CRIMINAL OFFENCE).

We find that the officer at the point of the struggle was not acting in the execution of his duty, and therefore any injuries he received the offence is not made out“.

The victim was acquitted and therefore is INNOCENT.  Police unlawfully used a weapon on an innocent victim.

This makes the use PAVA spray unlawful, contrary to section 5 of the Firearms Act 1968

A previous complaint by police was recorded as a LOCAL RESOLUTION which is against IPCC guidelines as the allegation is so serious.

The investigating officer (who has now resigned!) actually said that he ‘investigated’ the complaint but says there were no crimes committed, even though the Magistrate had said the officer was acting unlawfully.  The investigating officer performed his ‘investigation‘ without taking statements from any of the witnesses.  The only person the investigating officer questioned was the officers involved in the assaults!    This investigating officer has therefore overruled a Magistrates ruling?

A fresh complaint has been submitted about the unlawful Section 5 Firearm use that left a member of my family with serious injuries.

This will be fought tooth and nail until we get justice.

The New Chief Constable, Andy Rhodes is fully aware of the situation and has been emailed directly (in parallel with the complaint).  We are hoping that Mr Rhodes will see that his predecessor has left him in ‘neck deep in the shit’ and we hope that Mr Rhodes undertakes his duty and sorts out the ex Chief Constables (Steve Finnigan) mess.

WE WILL GET JUSTICE.  Lancashire police are not fighting an individual, they are fighting all of us.

The more Lancashire Police try to damage my family, the more information (we as a family and friends of the family) will release on them..!

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