Lancashire Police confirm they have perverted the course of Justice

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Lancashire Police confirm they have ‘perverted the course of Justice‘ by deleting crucial CCTV evidence.

This was done to prevent charges being brought against a number of Police officers including PS Stephen Eckersley and PS Sigley.

perverted the course of justiceThe CCTV footage was requested by the victim, Paul Ponting after he was viciously stripped and sexually assaulted by pervert PS Eckersley, Paul Ponting was threatened with violence by the Police officers if he reported the incidents.

This was captured on the CCTV which also recorded audio, but Police failed to provide it under the Subject Access request.  All other CCTV was provide except this crucial clip.

Other CCTV and audio was provided by the same camera from an earlier point in time, confirming the camera was working and the audio was recording.

Police have, since the incident in June 2014, claimed the subject access request was not received from the victim, claiming staff issues, claiming email issues etc but a written confirmation from PSD on 22nd September 2016 revealed that the CCTV was reviewed by Police and deemed ‘not appropriate to release‘.  It was then later deleted!

It is pretty obvious that Lancashire Police did not want the CCTV released, this is perverting the course of justice.

This article is NOT complete, More to follow…


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