Are Lancashire Police controlled by a Police Infomer?

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We have substantial evidence that Lancashire Police have been hoodwinked by a Police Informant.

It is known that the Informant has provided Lancashire police with valuable information regarding a specifice high profile criminal that has now received a substantial custodial sentence.  It is evident that the Informer has now got a hold over Skelmersdale CID due to the informer being provided ‘privy‘ information by the Police that the informer can and will use against police if they fail to continue protecting him from prosecution.

It is clearly escalated out of all control to a point where Lancashire police have dug themselves a very big hole that they cannot escape without admission of serious criminal misconduct.

We are compiling evidence as we speak and will update this blog at a later date…


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  1. Police think they are on top,, only on top of a pile of crap,, police informers proper play the cops and do it well, all cops do is put more crime and drugs on the streets,, yep that’s the cops for ya


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