Lancashire Police officer DC Cloherty makes sick comment about fatal motorcycle accident

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A Lancashire Special Branch Police Officer, Sean Cloherty made distasteful sick comments about a fatal motorcycle accident he attended.

Detective Constable Sean Cloherty
Detective Constable Sean Cloherty

DC Sean Cloherty of Ormskirk told his friends about a bicycle ride he participated in with other Lancashire Police work colleagues.  The cycle ride was from Blackpool to Police HQ in Preston.

Along the bicycle route, DC Sean Cloherty and his Police officers colleagues came across a serious motorcycle accident. Air ambulance attended.

PC Sean Cloherty told his friends that he tried to persuade the Air Ambulance to “give him and his bicycle a lift” to Police HQ in Preston as he was tired.

When asked about the injured motorcyclist by concerned friends, DC Sean Cloherty told his friends that he “didn’t care about the motorcyclist“, all DC Sean Cloherty was interested in was getting home in the helicopter as he was ‘tired‘.


DC Cloherty even said he was prepared to dump his bicycle so he could get a lift in the Air ambulance helicopter.  DC Sean Cloherty told his friends that the motorcyclist had ‘blood gushing from his neck and would die anyway“.

It is no surprise that the air ambulance refused to give DC Sean Cloherty a lift and attended to the dying motorcyclist who later died.



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  1. Being a police officer is more than just making arrests – it’s about serving the community and understanding their needs.


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