Lancashire Police protect Police Informer from prosecution

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Lancashire Police Protect Police Informer…

Lancashire Police have been caught protecting a Police Informer (snitch), name Paul Turner from Skelmersdale, and allowing him to continue a malicious hate campaign including death threats against an innocent family.

The Police have protected the Police snitch from multiple criminal prosecutions and even provided the snitch with confidential information about the family that he has been attacking.    The Police did this intentionally so the snitch can publish it on the internet to further continue his hate campaign against them.

The victims sacked Paul Turner in May 2013 for gross misconduct.

It was confirmed by Police in a recorded telephone conversation as well as documented in official Court documents that the dismissal was for legitimate reasons.

The snitch threatened to kill the victims wife and my children, he got a harassment warning but NO charges for threats to kill.   He made this threat due to being unhappy at being dismissed even though it was a legitimate dismissal.

Lancashire Police gave the snitch a harassment warning for the threats to kill refusing to properly investigate this as a crime or threats to kill.

Lancashire Police intentionally chose the lowest resolution they could get away with.

The threats to kill incident was witnessed by a number of people but Police dismissed this and still to this day, refused to take a statement from the victims wife who was the actual person the snitch threatened to kill.  They said this statement is not necessary.

The snitch did not stop there though…he continued a disgruntled hate campaign against the family and their business for months and months thereafter.

He contacted the victims customers (which include schools, doctors and solicitors) sending malicious messages saying that the victim had a criminal record and ridiculous accusations the victim spied on their computers without them knowing.

The snitch continued this course of conduct for months and months and Lancashire Police did nothing.

The most distressing of all the things he did though was he posted worldwide on websites and anti-paedophile forums saying that the victim was a ‘convicted paedophile‘. He even named the victims children.

The police assured the victims they would do whatever possible to convict the ex-employee but said it wasn’t their decision and that it was CPS’s decision.

This backfired on Lancashire Police when in April 2014 the CPS gave Lancashire police the decision to charge or not. They made the victims wait until June 2014, adding to their distress, before turning up their house at 10.30pm one night to inform them that they were going to take no further action against the ex-employee.

They then arrested the victim without telling him what for, they pepper sprayed him, sat on his chest and intentionally choked him. ( the non arresting officer even told the arresting officer to get off him).

They took him to Skelmersdale Police station where he was maliciously stripped completely naked.

The following week Lancashire Police charged him with FOUR malicious charges in an attempt to discredit him. They did all of this WITHOUT CPS advice.

They failed in their attempt to prosecute him and discredit his name and reputation and the victim was acquitted of ALL charges in November 2014. One of the charges was for outing the Police Informer!

During the trial the ex-employee (who was one of the Police witnesses in court) again began maliciously posting on the internet saying the victim was a ‘convicted paedophile’.

Again, a complaint was logged with Lancashire Police, but they ignored it.  The victims solicitor wrote to a Lancashire Superintendent TWICE, regarding this, but the Superintendent conveniently says he did not receive the letters!

They subsequently wrote to Lancashire Professional Standards Dept regularly for 6 months and were completely ignored. They [PSD] would not deal with this complaint…and STILL have not.


An active petition is available for this, please click here to review and sign.



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  1. This is happening on a massive scale with WYP – they are giving a convicted informer complete freedom to do as he pleases in his personal hate campaign against an innocent man. Including nonstop harassment and questioning of this innocent man. They have disclosed the most confidential information enabling the informant to fly in the face of several court injunctions. Who can stop this? No one interested.


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