Merseyside police failure allows Joel Rodwell of OTS news to try to sue victim

Joel Rodwell OTS News
Joel Rodwell OTS News
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I have been informed by Smooth Law in that the Solicitor is NO LONGER representing Joel Rodwell.  I suspect they found out the truth of Joel Rodwell.

The Solicitor has confirmed that ‘Various’ people tried to contact them about the victim (Mr Ponting) and has confirmed they did NOT speak with them, however a person named Neil Wilkes has posted a comment saying he was contacted by the firm of solicitors and he spoke freely with them.  It is clear that Neil Wilkes is openly lying.

Joel Rodwell of OTS news has now instructed a solicitor (Scott Birchall or Smooth Law) to try and sue his victim for speaking out.

Joel Rodwell was investigated by Merseyside police under caution but lied to his solicitor by saying he was not ‘held under caution‘.  There was never an allegation he was held, it was simply that he was interviewed under caution and this was confirmed by Merseyside Police who also confirmed that Joel blamed his terminally ill father who was in a hospice at the time.

Click for audio of police confirming that Joel Rodwell’s story was ‘FAR FETCHED’ and ‘circumstantially’, Joel Rodwell was the offender.

Joel Rodwell sent an email to the victim. threatening to post a maliciously false article about his victim just for leaving a negative review about the OTS News. The victim stood up to Rodwell, so Rodwell posted the malicious article anyway.

After the victim reported it to the police, Joel Rodwell was interviewed under caution and took the offending article down from his own OTS News website.  Rodwell made no attempt to apologise for his actions, in fact, he continued to post other articles and even blocked the victim on Facebook… an odd thing to do, under the circumstances!

The offending article was published on OTS News website, after the threat, which came from Joel Rodwells private email address which even included Joels mobile phone number (07581 350 321).  Joel also posted information about this on his website  He claims he did not know who did this.

So, Joel claims someone (he named his dead father) used Joels private email account to make the threat, then logged in to the OTS News Facebook page and ‘only’ posted the malicious comment about his victim, then logged in to the website and also updated that.

Merseyside police then botched the investigation (confirmed by Inspector Susan Ennis in these recorded calls), they had the IP address of Rodwells home, take from the email headers, yet made a ‘mistake’ and said the IP address was from the USA even though it was a Sky UK account in Merseyside.  A long-standing police complaint is still underway for the botch which will be posted in full shortly.

Now Rodwell has decided he ‘wants out’ and instructs a solicitor stating comments are defamatory!

Defamation law is quite clear.  Defence is Truth and Honest opinion.



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