PC Hayes of Lancashire Police admits assault

Lancashire Police Officer, PC Hayes the arresting officer for an unlawful arrest has admitted assault in Chorley Magistrates Court.PC Hayes

PC Hayes fabricated an offence (section 5 public order offence).

He then proceeded to grab hold of the victim without any warning when the victim was on his own property that the victim had forewarned the Police not to encroach. The Police Officer, PC Hayes then grabbed and assaulted the victim, pepper spraying him at point blank range in they eyes.  PC Hayes then alleged the victim was resisting arrest, but his Police colleague confirmed in court that the victim did not resist therefore proving PC Hayes was intentionally lying (committing perjury) to cover himself for his illegal actions.

After pepper spraying the victim, violently tackled the victim to the ground, the victim was struggling to breathe due to the pepper spray and unable to see.  PC Hayes then sat on the victims chest, further restricting his already difficult breathing.  To the horror of the victims wife, children and aged parents, PC Hayes then put his hands around the victims throat and began strangling him.  His colleague was trying to reason with violent PC Hayes who was ignoring all attempts to control him.

When questioned in Chorley magistrates court, PC Hayes admitted he strangled the victim but made the excuse that he did this ‘in case the victim attempted to spit at him”.  When questioned if the victim had tried to spit at him or showed any signs of or attempt to spit, PC Hayes stated NO.  Hayes confirmed there was no evidence of this , his justification was that he had been spat at before and he didn’t want it to happen again!

This concurs that PC Hayes has admitted assault but not charged!

The victim was acquitted of all malicious charges brought by Lancashire Police.  All charges were maliciously brought without any CPS advice.  The CPS barrister stated that if CPS had been asked for advice, they would not have authorised a charge.

Police have been accused of bringing the charges maliciously (malicious prosecution) simply due the the fact the victim ‘outed’ a Lancashire Police Informer, Paul Turner.

A civil lawsuit is currently in progress, Police have offered a substantial sum of money to avoid a trial. The victim has refused the offer and expects a fully admission of liability and would prefer to go to trial where the full details of the allegations can be aired in public.


  1. I was unlawfully arrested by Lancashire Police in January 2014. Reason was I made official complaint against Insp Dave Robinson,Sgt Azz Khan,Sgt Hickey,WPC Nicola-Barf Lewis and Sgt Lana-Palmer Davies. All these officers closed ranks to coerce a Female victim support worker to make false statement against me. Police never provided evidence and I was released four months later without charge. I was held in cell at Leyland Police station over 14 hours without food. I was ill with a heart condition,Right Bundle branch block. I had tightness in chest and felt dizzy,nauseas,which not normal for bundle branch block.Police failed to call Ambulance. Police denied having my car after arresting officer told me his Female collegue was driving it to Chorley Police station for search. I found car in car park near Chorley Police station with ticket fine on it. Bumper had crash damage to rear. I reported damage and ticket to solicitor right away.

    Next I was followed by yobs who been targetting me since 2008,because PC Paddy Levell illegally passed my name/Address to them. I was taunted while walking fast up Anderton street,attacked and robbed of my wallet. I could not ring 999,because Police inspector Dave Robinson and custody Sgt banned me from receiving Emergency and non emergency Police service. Bank had to cancel my debit card. I had to have flat door lock changed and car locked away in friends bus garage,till I could get ignition barrell and door lockss with key from breakers. It cost a fortune to have computer pluggged into car and ignition barrell including key programmed into cars imobiliser/alarm to get car to start. Police at Chorley always done cover ups to protect these yobs that are known by name/address. I lost thousands of pounds in damages because of these yobs stealing and vandalising my cars. I also been assaulted on number of occassions. Police ignore 999 calls on request of DCI Ian Whitehead at Professional Standards Department.

    Told by Sgt Hickey and WPC Nicola-Barf Lewis, “If you write to Downing Street reporting Police again,we will lock you up”

    2013 Sgt 4129 Lana-Palmer Davies failed to act when Police failed to respond to 999 call from me for 40 minutes. With help from Insp Robinson Sgt Davis and Wpc Nicola-Barf Lewis conspired to making false statement that I did not dial 999 after knocking cyclist off his bike and driving off. The truth is I was parked outside a school in bus,waiting to pick children up. A cyclist who was harrassing me assaulted me by grabbing me round throat through open drivers window. I hit cyclist under the chin with heel of my hand,he fell backwards onto his butt and I drove off. I parked outside Chorley Police station and dialed 999 to say I been assaulted. Police only came when I stopped two PCSOs forty minutes later. Police officers who failed to leave their details not interested and I made official complaint. Sgt Davies lied I left Vulnerable children at side of road. I did not. I rang employer immediately after ringing 999. Employer rang council who sent transport. Council ruled I did nothing wrong and cyclist was committing public order offences and assault. Police Sgt Lana-Palmer Davies covered it up.

    My local MP Lindsay Hoyle refused to help and threatened me on phone with violence for complaining about his friend Insp Dave Robinson. Sgt Azz Khan came round my address bullying me and accusing me of harrassing his MP Lindsay Hoyle. Sgt Khan refused to investigate telephone threats. Insp Dave Robinson made false accusations to Lancashire County Council I hit cyclist off his bike and left vulnerable children at side of road. He also lied I cut my finger off. Council sacked me based on Police lies.

    I wrote to Queen providing evidence and Queen passed evidence onto Theresa May MP. Police unlawfully arrested me on false allegations and put me on bail not to contact any emergency service or Therasa May and The Queen. Four months later I released without charge after cover up.

    2015 I was again assaulted on three occassions by same yobs and taunted in street on numerous occassions throughout 2015. Each incident I dialled 999 and no Police turned up. PSD failed to investigate all incidents.

    October 2015 I assaulted again leaving mark below right eye. Sgt 4129 Lana-Palmer Davies and so called hate crime officer PC Ian Ashton came round my address,after being sent to take statement. Both verbally bullied me,calling me Trivial. PC Ashton was banging on about him being Gay officer who has had mental health issues and hate crime I suffered is Trivial and I am Trivial. This made me feel Emotionally bullied PC Ashton said he gets called Faggot and worse daily and ignores it.Pc Ashton said being called Tranny Faggot is not a crime and Police can’t do anything. I am not Gay and in my opinion PC Ashton is not only fit to be hate crime officer for LGBT people,but not fit to be in Police at all.

    Sgt Davies then rang my employer with lies that I mentally unstable to get me sacked. I passed assestment and psych said “Police are corrupt”

    During and after a meeting in December 20!5 Sgt Davies lied in writing I told her and PC Ashton I made it all up.

    April 2016 Sgt Davies lied again in writing that she opologised to me on phone and in person,for making derogatory and false remark that I “Think outside the box” I was diagnosed with slight high functioning Aspergers (ASD) in December 2015. I never received opology. Sgt Davies also lied that a Aspergers support worker said in April meeting “I have a personality disorder,as result of Aspergers” This is untrue and support worker never said that. Support worker is also not a qualified doctor,just a support worker. Sgt Davies is going out her way to get my licence revoked in revenge for me reporting her lies in 2013. November 2015 Sgt Davies told me up station with Sgt Kevin Mountain present, “If you keep complaining about us,we will lock you up. We bigger than you and you will never beat us” “We backed by the system and will make sure you never have a future,except behind bars”

    As result of Corrupt Lancashire Police force,I suffered a lot of stress.

    I want
    ● Written opology from Chief Constable

    ● Compensation

    ● False info removed from PNC about me.

    ● Photo’s and fingerprings destroyed in my presence

    ● Flags removed from name instructing Police to ignore 101 and 999,including letters of complaint.

    ● Written letters from Clive Grunshaw and Theresa May what measures they briging in,to prevent other people being Emotionally bullied by corrupt Police in future.

  2. I have been subject to similar corrupt behaviour from the Police. Sgt Palmer Davis was involved. I complained to the IPCC and they said they would allow the Police to investigate themselves. It seems that Chorley Police policy is to attack the victim, believing that if they do, by eliminating the victims then they’ve got rid of the crime report. I provided video which showed they had consorted with criminals but they did nothing. I have email copies of emails between the Police and a criminal in which they supported him in his crimes.

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