A Police Informer named Paul Turner is the reasons for this site

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Many will wonder why I run this website.  The simple answer is, a Lancashire POLICE INFORMER. (aka, snitch, Confidential Human Intelligent Source or CHIS)

The story is well publicised, but in a nutshell, I employed a man, Paul Turner, from Skelmersdale, who I had to dismiss for gross misconduct. Paul Turner is or at least was, a CHIS (snitch)

This is the story in the Liverpool ECHO, (click here) Paul Turner is the referenced ‘web troll‘ in the story.

After his dismissal he decided to take revenge, threatening to KILL my wife and children.  The Police seemed uninterested even with evidence of the threats.  He continued to post sickening comments about me and my family on the internet even going so far as brandishing me a paedophile on dozens of websites including saying I abused my own children.  Lancashire Police was informed and still did nothing.

It was pretty obvious he was getting ‘special treatment‘ from Lancashire Police because he is/was a Police Informer, aka a Snitch.  Lancashire Police was doing their very best to protect him.

I will not go into great detail as it is published elsewhere (here mainly) but because I blogged on my awful experience of the last 4 years caused by this Police Informer trying to harm me, and Lancashire Police doing nothing about it (even providing the snitch with personal information about my children to cause more harm), I blogged it all, exposing Lancashire Police misconduct.

He was also investigated for racism, Lancashire Police confirmed his posts were racist but did NOTHING.

Now, he has gone crying to Google saying all the material I publish (all true) is harassing him!  Google have put some blocks on my sites but this has been counterclaimed.  This is his complaint!


These websites are maintained by the same individual to harass me Paul Turner. They are filled with defamatory comments claiming Im a drug dealer, a cocaine addict, steroid abuser, a web troll, that I make threats to kill women and children, that Im a racist, a snitch, that i have broken the law and that i am a Police informer. These are all untrue and cause me great distress and embarrassment.

Everything the snitch said above I can prove 100% true.  This is his report below.

paul-turner-police-infomer-complaints -to-google


This is when I confronted him.  The snitch is the one outside the van.  See his reaction when I mentioned Colin Pritchard.  Colin Pritchard is a known drug dealer that Paul Turner provided information to the Police about which secured his arrest and imprisoned.  It has been reported that Paul Turner received £15,000 for the information he provided to take down Pritchard.  This only goes to show the level of preferential treatment he gets from Lancashire police for being an informer.  Basically, if you break the law, they let you off if you have been a criminal in the past.




  1. Informants are well protected. Ive been told by a retired sergant that he thinks this is why my neighbours are left to do anything they want. Harrassment, criminal damage, driving a vehicle at my daughter etc. Cumbria police – penrith, carlisle – corrupt

  2. I’ve been terrorised by informant and police for 6 years lost my hair had to move 2 X made 42 statements had 4 injunctions and he’s never been spoken to disgusting

  3. There are a lot of police informers and like the police they can do whatever they like and get away with it. The police are the criminals in U.K. Anyone who discovers their corruption gets intimidated, tormented, tortured and murdered or sectioned. Families all over uk cannot get help because the police have too much power.


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