Sergeant Stephen Eckersley Assaults innocent man

Sergeant Steven Eckersley Skelmersdale Police
Sergeant Steven Eckersley Skelmersdale Police

Sergeant Stephen Eckersley of Skelmersdale Police has been accused of assault and sexual assault of a local man.  Read details from the victims solicitor, Iain Gould.
sgt-stephen-eckersley-choking-victimThe local victim who was unlawfully arrested (confirmed by Chorley Magistrates) was taken to Skelmersdale Police Station against his will (unlawful detention) after being assaulted and Pepper Sprayed in front of his young distraught children. On arrival at Skelmersdale Police station, Sergeant Eckersley who lives in Ormskirk, assaulted the victim while he was restrained and not resisting. Sergeant Stephen Eckersley forcefully stripped the victim completely naked and sexually assaulted him resulting in the victim being rushed to hospital and spending 2 days on a cardiac ward with suspected heart attack.

Moments after the CCTV photo in this article clearly showing Sergeant Stephen Eckersley choking the victim. Eckersley submitted the victim to an unauthorised strip search against PACE guidelines and made derogatory sexual comments to the victim during the sustained attack assisted by two other Police Officers.  CCTV evidence of the attack is available however Police deleted other crucial CCTV evidence during the paramedics attendance taking the victim to hospital where officers jeered the victim and accused him of making up the injury.

The actual injuries the victim suffered was heart damage due to the unnecessary assault, authorised by Custody Sergeant Sigley of Skelmersdale Police, the victim remained a patient of the cardiac ward for some time to ensure no long term heart injuries.

The victim was acquitted of all charges maliciously brought by Lancashire Police, the magistrates emphasised than NO CRIMES were committed.  The charges were brought as a malicious attempt to discredit the victim who has made numerous complaints against a Police Informer who the Police had refused to charge to avoid his prosecution.  CPS attempted to get the victim to accept a lower charge to ensure a guilty verdict the victim refused all offers and insisted the case be brought to trial.

Lancashire Police are currently being sued by the victim for damages including unlawful arrest, assault, unlawful detention and malicious prosecution.


  1. i am currently processing a complaint regarding the same officer for similar a crime. plus four more officers at skelmersdale.
    complaint made 8 . 1 .18

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