Superintendent Eddie Thistlethwaite sends letter of admissions

Superintendent Eddie Thistlethwaite admits ‘some’ liability by Lancashire Police. He also states Lancashire are ‘weak’ because I was acquitted of their Malicious Prosecution. WEAK… why are they measuring their strength against me. This should not be a fight.  The court confirmed that the arrest was unlawful. That follows that the beating I got from Lancashire police and hospitalisation was assault.  DS Langon charged me with harassment but admitted in court he was not harassed. WTF…!!! Police are supposed to protect people and investigate assault but oh no, not when a cop assaults me.


Eddie Thistlethwaite believes some of my complaints are unjustified. He specifically mentioned the one where a District judge ruled it was a criminal offence and the officer is facing a criminal trial.   Eddie Thistlethwaite also admits being biased!

Eddie Thistlethwaite confirms CCTV was not even collected for 5 days after an arson attack that could have killed my children.  Lancashire police know the SAME DAY the CCTV footage existed but ‘failed’ to get it. Then, they only decided to send crime scene investigators out after 30 days.  No chance of a result then.


Eddie Thistlethwaite is trying to get us, the victims of crime, to DROP out complaints and use the police cop out ‘restorative justice’.  NO CHANCE!


Eddie Thistlethwaite  trying to force us to believe there is no conspiracy.  Police have protected a police informer for 4 years.  Of course their is a conspiracy. This allegation is not an alien abduction, it is police corruption.  It DOES go on and is going in in Lancashire.


We refused the restorative justice the Eddie Thistlethwaite tried to get us to agree to.  The following fast track of the complaints process was then changed to a SLOW track as a penalty for standing up against police..


Eddie Thistlethwaite is trying to get this website shut down.  This website is 100% factual. If there anything that is not I am happy to look into what they believe is not true.  I know this is not the case as Eddie Thistlethwaite  has confirmed that it s all true.


Eddie Thistlethwaite trying to get me to drop criminal charges against DI Melvin in exchange for a Restorative Justice. Not a chance. He knows exactly what is required to get even close to this deal.

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