Whistleblower offer to Lancashire Police

Lancashire Police Whistleblower
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I am giving ‘some’ Police Officers the option to become a Whistleblower where they have been pressured to target my family.

Many Lancashire Police Officers (and a few in Merseyside Police Officers) are looking at potential misconduct hearings due to obvious misconduct against my family.

Ironically, I know some of these officers were pressured to do what they did by Senior Police Officers. The officers involved will unlikely mention this in order to avoid bullying by colleagues, or to brown nose their way up the Police ranks.  I say this as most officers who ‘turned on us’ were ‘acting’ Officers, that means, in a transitional stage of promotion, i.e. Acting Sergeant is a Constable looking for the next career step.  We have an audio recording of Lancashire PSD saying that Officers in this transitional stage will ‘jump as high as required‘ to ensure promotion, even breach their Professional Code of Conduct.

Some of these officers are named and shamed on this website an rightly so, they have victimised my family and I.

If you are a Police Officer and have witnessed any misconduct (even if you were involved) that has been instructed from Senior Ranks, I will 100% respect your identity and consider dropping any complaints against YOU if you have evidence to suggest that you were ordered, bullied, promised promotion etc in order to target my family from any Senior Officer.

I have evidence of one Lancashire Officer (to date) who has stated that he/she was pressured to force criminal charges on me from Senior Officers, (this was witnessed by a CPS Barrister and a Solicitor) so I know with a raising certainty that I was maliciously targeted by Senior Police, and I know this was simply because I reported crimes committed by one of their Police Informers who they did not want to prosecute.

I want to emphasise, that there is no need to protect this Police Informer, the Police did not expose him, the Informer exposed himself so the only wrongdoing the Police have done is failed to bring charges against a person who committed crimes.  The Police have not divulged any secret asset information that I did not already know.  The only confidential information that Lancashire Police have leaked is that of my Children, which is a different story!

As a whistleblower, you would regain respect from the public that a Police Officer is prepared to stand up to misconduct (every officer should do this anyway!) it may also potentially save your career and pension.  Maybe if you have morals, it will help you sleep at night.  You may worry about how you will be treated in work if you do become a whistleblower, well, any sign of this would be bullying in the workplace, so you would have a good case for an industrial tribunal.

If you wish to be a whistleblower, please contact me, I am happy for this to be totally anonymous with NO PUBLICATION, please see my contact page for info how to get in touch.



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