12 West Yorkshire Police officers fired for sexual misconduct in last 5 years

It has been revealed that 12 serving West Yorkshire Police officers have been dismissed for sexual misconduct in the past five years and another nine in the force are under investigation over similar allegations.

The shocking figures have been disclosed by West Yorkshire’s new Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime Alison Lowe. It is her role to hold the Chief Constable to account.

Since Sarah Everard’s murder, 81 women have been murdered in this country. Which is just outrageous.

Alison has made it a priority to tackle violence against women and girls.

Since 2016, there’ve been 12 dismissals of police officers in West Yorkshire following allegations of sexual misconduct. I’m aware that there are currently nine such cases being investigated.

The new Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime says she is disappointed, but not shocked by the figures and that new procedures have rooted out offenders.

Everyone who works for West Yorkshire Police will now be vetted on a regular basis and have to pass an annual integrity check.

We have arrived at a dangerous place. But I would not say that trust in the police is lost because the vast majority of our police officers and staff they’re honorable. They believe in the values of policing.

Today (3 October), West Yorkshire Police has been granted more than £650,00 for Safer Street funding.

West Yorkshire Police has been granted for Safer Streets funding

This money is set to support projects around safety for women and girls. Alison Lowe says part of the solution is also about how to have a wider conversation with men about treating women with respect.

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