A message to Chief Constable Andy Rhodes of Lancashire police

Dear Chief Constable Andy Rhodes.

I am publishing this letter, for your attention, as I am aware you will see it or be notified of it.  This website is regularly visited by police at HQ.

I am keen for this to be in the public eye so more people are aware of my request.  You are a public servant, I mean this with the greatest respect, a role which you freely signed up for.  I am a member of the public and this message is to you personally.

I draw your attention the the treatment I have received by your police force over the last 6 years, many of the incidents are posted on this website, many safely stored.  I understand many of the incidents were at a time when Chief Constable Finnigan was in command however this was the past and at the time of writing you are in this position.

The despicable treatment by Lancashire police resulted in a compensation payment signed off by yourself for £35,000 + £100,000 in legal fees.  I am sure you will agree, that is a lot of money from a force that claims ‘lack of funds’.  I am well aware of numerous other claims in the pipeline from others, most of which due to outright police wrongdoing.

I remind you of when I contacted you on Twitter.  I congratulated you on your new position as the Chief Constable of Lancashire police and asked you if you were keen to stamp out police corruption.  You ensured me that this was a concern and even offered to continue to communicate with me after you got home, in your own time.  This soon changed however when you discovered who you were speaking to.

The question is why?  Why should you not want to speak to me, but clearly you were prepared to speak to another member of the public over police corruption, just not me  Maybe it was due to the ongoing litigation at the time, well this is now over and I now am asking for the opportunity for my wife and I to meet with you.  After all, you did sign an apology letter for the actions of your staff towards my family leaving us mentally scarred, so there is an acceptance of fault by you on behalf of Lancashire police.

All we ask is some of your time, to discuss out outstanding issues and allow us to move on.

I ask this with genuine intentions.  I suspect, deep down you are a decent guy, but the police force you now lead has a lot to answer, and as the ‘boss’, you should face up and discuss it with us.

While this is a genuine request, I have no illusions that you will accept, and if this is the case,  I would like to know, why not?

I have growing support and this will keep growing.  My campaign for justice will continue and will grow stronger.  As the Chief Constable of Lancashire police, you have the power to resolve this.  You have the power to address the obvious corruption within certain departments or groups within Lancashire police force and you have a responsibility to listen to the public, this includes me.

I have documented the many issues, PSD cleverly brush these under the carpet, such a blatant tactic recognised not only be victims such as my family, but solicitors who say that the complaints process is utterly futile and that the police cannot be trusted.  This is a growing issue across the country and I am putting it to you, as the Chief Constable of Lancashire police,  to address the problems head on by speaking directly to the victims of police misconduct.

The simple fact is, Lancashire police force has attacked and wronged my family and are continuing to do so.  If you have any morals, you would open your eyes and do the right thing, you know, the duty you signed up for and swore an oath to undertake.

I know my request here is likely going to be a waste of time, but it is here, in public, so all can see.  People can see what I have requested and will know if you are prepared to spare maybe an hour of your public funded time to speak with a member of the public that has clearly been so wronged by your staff.

You have the ability to change my perception of police, especially Lancashire police.  The question is, are you prepared to help?


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