A threat from Taz Ryder or on his behalf? – UPDATED

Taz Ryder attempted to track me with an isolated phone number he provided me with without my knowledge.  He then sent me web links that were infected and tried to get an infected website hosted on my servers that contained other people’s private photographs, (read about it on my recent article)  I called him out and he has now resorted to threats.

After the article was written, simply stating facts, the article received several threats, they are all still listed below the article.

Now, after realising the mistake of making threats via a static Virgin Media IP address, the threats are coming directly via VPN via this IP

It seems like Taz Ryder is learning how to cover his tracks, being he is such a professional (as he says).  He even said in the following recent tweet that he did not know the links he sent to me were infected… (clearly not denying it) but reading on, he intends to intentionally send malicious links to us.

The latest communication makes it clear we are targetted by ‘professionals‘ (lol)

Hello we are a privately hired security firm. Your owner has been reported for breaching a number of data security platforms and using advanced IT skills to torment people.

We have dealt with trolls and predators and are more than comfortable working with Lancashire Police to enhance their digital capture techniques.

They make threat of a Communication 2003 offence, which include

Your using WordPress defence. We can easily create new malware that isn’t detected by your systems.

(lol, go for it big shot), and

Your putting everyone in your household at risk from Cyber Attacks. Desist immediately or deal with the consequences. We will go after everyone in your household to find your weaknesses. This could even result your friends and family being involved.


It becomes a little more sinister when Taz threatens my ‘children’… now that is a BIG mistake and one he may regret…

“Are you kids aware what Daddy is up to.  If we can hack police phones. then your child is an easy target.”

So, not content with attacking me, Taz resorts to a threat to attack my kids…

The IP address for that message was switched, but the pathetic ‘ex-spurt’ doesn’t realise were are logging everything he does and we can show and identify that the messages are all coming from the exact same machine (lol), so switching IP just adds to the comedy effect of this ‘ex-spurt’.

And, would you believe such security experts would use Windows 8.1 and internet explorer.

Back off Taz, this is a gentle warning…


Taz is persisting in posting things about this on his website (including confidential info about a criminal investigation… oh dear!) , he is not at all addressing the root case, and that is that HE tried to send me an infected web link, HE tried to get me to host an infected website on our server and HE gave me a mobile number that was tracked without my knowledge.  Until he publically answers the following, this will just carry on.

  1. Explain in detail why you sent me a mobile number to contact you on, given that when you sent it, I had never spoken to you (still haven’t), I had never communicated with you and yet you sent a supposed isolated phone number to me so you could track the usage.   You did this without my knowledge.
  2. You express your professionalism and specialism in website and security systems, yey you sent me a website link that had a web infection.  Any ‘expert’ would have systems in place to ensure no links are infected and no websites they own are infected. Bear in mind, this was a very basic infection, nothing at all complex.
  3. Why you asked me to host the above-infected website on my server and how you, a supposed security and IT specialist, provided me with a website to host that contained 100’s of hidden private images from another family (not illegal images)

I have no interest in you. You contacted me.  You persist to contact and (try to) attack me/us.  This stops when you stop and answer the above questions publically.  This website gets far in excess of 30k hits per month.  It is on one of our FB groups with 22k+ subscribers.

We are not just a ‘wordpress‘ site as Taz says attempting to criticise us, we are an active group campaigners fighting police corruption, and when a supposed ‘Allie‘ attempts to track me(us) and infect us, are you really that shocked how we respond?



  1. Why would you expose a boy that was abused sexually by Sussex Police Officers.

    Are you a pedophile? oh wait…. there is a YouTube video of that. Its all over your reddit post

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