This UK Corrupt Police website is not anti-Police as many would suggest.  On the contrary, there are some good police officers out there and we know a few.

What we aim to expose here is select corruption within the UK Police (and other UK law-related organisations) which is an endemic as reported by ‘The Independent’ Newspaper and many other sites.

It is ironic that the Police do not like this website, the obvious question is why?

Surely the Police force (the good guys) would want the corruption rooted out?

If a Police officer can hand on heart say, they are not corrupt or have never turned a blind eye to corruption/ misconduct, then they are on the same side as us. And that is the irony, even though this site shows blatant corruption and wrongdoing, the alleged ‘good guys’ turn a blind eye, and say we are anti Police which is untrue.

This UK Corrupt Police website highlights only corruption and misconduct within the UK.

A lot relates in some way to a single family who are the founders of UK Corrupt Police as they have been victims of Police misconduct since 2013 after they inadvertently reported a crime committed by a Police Informant from Skelmersdale name Paul Turner.

A Police Informer is the reasons for this site


After many repeated reports to Police about this Police Informer, the family noticed how Lancashire Police seemed to be doing anything within their power to avoid bringing any charges against him.

After months and months of persistent attacks which were all brushed aside by Lancashire Police, the victims mentioned online that Lancashire Police was protecting a Police Informer.  This ultimately resulted in the victim’s arrest which has now been well documented in the national press.  The victim was fully acquitted and the Magistrates noted how the prosecution appeared malicious.

As a result, the family (who have never had any Police issues in the past), have been the target of Lancashire Police, Merseyside Police and West Midlands police who seem dead set on shutting them up and discrediting them.

There are dozens of Police complaints all under ‘investigation’ (at the time of writing) by the Police themselves.  IPCC (now the IOPC) have been involved in a few which many have been upheld.

This website shows UK Corrupt Police in a news style website about incidents that they are involved in or are related to friends.  All articles on this site are backed by supporting evidence, some displayed on the site, some is withheld.

We all pay our taxes which pays for the Police, it eats me up that we pay and get targeted because some low life police snitch who the police protect,  just because it helps with their crime statistics!  And I thought the Police are supposed to help Victims!


  1. Devon & Cornwall Police are, on the whole, totally corrupt. There are a few officers who ‘uphold’ the law, but sadly they are in the minority & they are far too putnembered to stand up to the bullies within the force.
    I lived next door to a woman in Port Isaac who has long standing family friends in the police & she & her boyfriend were essentially given free reign to terrorise me daily in my home, as well as my dogs. One was poisoned, the other 2 are nervous wrecks.
    I was forced to move. Police did absolutely nothing about her crazed obsessional hatred after we fell out over her sons violent angry rages from 5.30am daily. They lied to prevent me having her dealt with legally & even did nothing when her boyfriend threatened to get a shot gun & shoot me!
    Hate crime officers during a 2 hour meeting in Bodmin in April 2018 simply told me to move ASAP!
    I was eventually driven out of Cornwall altogether in May 2019 after she drugged me. Police helped her get away with it & even had me tainted with a mental health condition I don’t have…. & I can prove it.
    Trying to get either them, or the PCC Alison Hernandez to do anything about the corruption is a waste of time. Ms Hernandez has been sitting on factual Evidence that her police officers are liars & have committed crimes that will end up seeing them in prison for years once it’s up in front of a judge for 4 months. She didn’t even have the manners to reply properly.
    My letter contained copies of reports that prove beyond a shadow of doubt that police lied & fabricated reports pertaining to me from February/March 2019. & the MOD have backed me up in one of them via navy security in Portsmouth! Still nothing is done about the corruption in Devon & Cornwall police.
    I have now gone through the website ‘’ to complain to individual companies involved so it cannot be ignored & will be contacting this website with names of police officers involved.
    Why should police officers be allowed to get away with committing serious crimes against members of the -unlicensed whom they are meant to protect from harm? It’s disgusting.
    As for the comment above…. Lobbying MP’s will do no good at all…. they won’t help you either. The only recourse is to gather your own evidence, do the police’s jobs for them & then present it on websites like this & then the press.

    • Hi Marilyn, yes, but it does depend on the circumstances. There are many ways this could be illegal, but also could be justified. For example, if you were both about to step out in front of a bus, any person would be justified in grabbing you both. Even in this case, the grabbing could be assault but the defence would be to preserve life etc. I am fairly sure these will not be the circumstance you have, but just an example of how not all assaults are illegal. If you want more help, just let us know.

  2. South Yorkshire Police officers placed false evidence on my record. They claimed I had been served with and signed a harassment warning, or PIN. The forgery was shared with other agencies. No evidence has ever been produced. It was three years before I became aware of the fraudulence. I suffer a great deal of psychological distress every day due to internal police corruption

    • Brenda, have you sought legal advice on this matter? Have you done a Subject Access Request for the alleged signed document? This could be a data breach offence.

  3. I am a victim of the most heinous police corruption by North Wales Police. I have been labelled as mentally ill by these people claiming to be officers and this corruption goes fed down from high within the hierarchy. As taxpayers who invest in this public service, I am astounded as to why nobody has suggested a petition to lobby MP’s in parliament to change the laws here to counter the targeting of innocent civilians in favour of criminals. The corruption is contrary to the execution of contractual and legislative duties. The “Standards” which are given lip service to, need to be enforced as these standards form a legally binding contract of service to the public and are the terms & conditions of the service we, as tax payers expect to be delivered. I cannot accept that corrupt civilians posing as officers, whom in my own experience, are pathological liars, are allowed to break the law by perverting the course of justice. I would be keen to see a petition set up to lobby parliament. The whole police “service” which is currently not fit for purpose needs to be scrutinised to protect innocent people’s rights from being violated by those who abuse their position. Corruption has no place in a free society. We, as sovereign citizens need to bring this into the public domain by petitioning parliament and demanding that legislative changes are made.

    • Clarification of my above comment. I wish to add that corruption in the police service brings the service into disrepute. I would like to mention that there are good officers out there who do a sterling job! My comments above are strictly related to the corruption limited to my experience and in no way are a general indictment against the police force in general. I want to make it clear that corruption taints the good work that genuine officers do and can damage their integrity. I have always respected the police service but I am sad to see that the corrupt element within is damaging and causes sever detriment to the high standards and integrity expected by the public.

      • Lobby MPS? you need to realise that many MPs are themselves corrupt, and are sometimes in league with corrupt police officers. Obviously not all MPs are corrupt, so you might be lucky. Look up Keith Vaz on your computer and you will see the type of MP you are likely to be dealing with. There are many Keith Vaz’s and worse in the Commons. I could tell you some horrific stories about scandals involving MPs. The Jeremy Thorpe revelations, shown on the BBC about 2 years ago, gave you a flavour of what goes on. This scandal was not an isolated incident.

    • Hi Laura, the site is generally about corruption that members have witnessed. You are free to discuss and provide new public posts within the forum.

      • Hi how do I report corrupt Humberside police? theres been drug dealing going on for over a year I have reported it load off times with my neighbours and still nothing hes doing it in broad daylight right next to a childrens park which they are going on stopping kids going on there even reported it to local MP and still nothing hes bragging the dealer saying hes got police in his pocket and now im starting to believe him as nothing is happening

    • I have my own problem with Devon and Cornwall police, Plymouth police families whom the police seem to do nothing about, conspiracy to commit hatred, conspiracy to commit violence, slander, etc been on receiving end for 11 years, next door neighbour’s dead husband was police officer she is a nasty piece of work along with family members and corrupt officers totally destroyed my life. Police family over the road again nasty pieces of work both families are bullies. Over rd their son is corrupt multiple lies spread about me many where I live turned against me. I live in total fear for my safety. Ipcc I contacted in 2017 who forwarded my complaint to Devon and Cornwall police making my situation worse, was advised last year to contact them again by a dr who said I should not have to live like this. I have only left close I live in 3 times in past 14 months due to fear for my safety, I’m in house near on 24/7 in garden or boot of car is furthest I go. Police families are beyond the law and free to do whatever they please. Devon and Cornwall police are well known for corruption. Will I get murdered quite possibly I did absolutely nothing to either bullying well protected police family.


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