Andy Woodward, another sexual assault victim comes forward

Andy Woodward Sacked Police Officer
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We have received contact from another victim of sexual abuse by the ex footballer and sacked Lancashire Police officer, Andy Woodward.

From information we have just received from the victim, the assault took place back in 2012 while Andy Woodward was a Police officer in Lancashire Police.  Another officer was also allegedly involved and will be named soon.

DC Woodward abused his power as a Police officer.  His victim is in Chorley Lancashire.

The female victim of Woodward’s reported an assault to the police and DC Woodward was assigned to it as the investigating officer, and made inappropriate sexual advances to the victim including harassing her for sex!.

The victim is currently supported by WAR (Women Against Rape)

The victim initially spoke with Victim Support who expressed the difficulty about bringing allegations against the police (no surprise there!).  The victim therefore did not report this but after spotting other allegations against Andy Woodward felt compelled to contact us.

Lancashire police appear to be hiding something here, two officers now involved. No criminal charges against Woodward and a misconduct hearing held in private.  The other officer still possible serving in Lancashire and so far, NO INVESTIGATION.

This story will be updated soon…

If you are a victim of Andy Woodward, please contact us via this site.  You can do it anonymously (use a false name and false email address).

I will treat anything you say with 100% confidentiality. This site may not look so professional, this is just the face of it, what we have behind the scenes (relating to he Andy Woodward allegations) is a small group of people from various organisations and other victims who I can pass you details to ‘if you wish’.

You are not alone in this and do not need to suffer in silence.




  1. on your twitter site you state ‘No mention of Woodward being investigated for Rape or sexual assault!’ but above you have written ‘NO INVESTIGATION which is it? is he being investigated? if so why has he not been arrested? it all seems a bit strange, you have previously put its a matter of time, this will go MSM

    • He was investigated for rape but not investigated for the other info brought up. MSM scared to publish due to the ‘work’ Woodward has done! So it seems two wrongs DO make a right!


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