Andy Woodward Assault allegation now public

Andy Woodward assault of women

Why are the National Press are not interested in running this story!

An Andy Woodward assault allegation (read here) has now been made by another victim.  It is clear he has had a troubled past, but what is not being mentioned in the media is that he has had a number of allegations against him while he was a serving Police Officer in Lancashire.

I have already spoken with an ‘allegedrape victim who has come forward and have seen some damning evidence!  Her case was oddly dropped by the CPS. Was this due to him being a serving Police Officer at the time?  I understand Police have seen this evidence, so, why the hell was he not charged!

I have been privy to further evidence (now released) that he has also assaulted a number of women, I have seen this evidence from another of his victims.

This victim mentioned that Woodward has assaulted at least 4 other women and is aware of their identities.

I have also seen a witness comment about an inappropriate sexual comment made by Andy Woodward to a 14 year old girl!

He also made sickening threats to this victim to silence her, including threats of suicide,  threats of harm to others and fabricating malicious rumours about her to affect her own children.  This all supposedly investigated by Lancashire Police?  Remember, Andy Woodward was a serving Police Officer for Lancashire Police at this time!  This would not be the first time Lancashire Police have protected one of their own!

I have seen this evidence!

I am asking for any person (male or female) who feels afraid to come forward to the authorities, about any crime committed by Andy Woodward, to please contact me at this website.  Total confidentiality is assured.  I can offer help and put you in touch with the right people.

It appears then that Andy Woodward has been reported to Police for rape & assault of multiple victims, yet nothing is in the press about this and no charges have been against him. WHY?
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  1. Maybe there is no evidence? Just because somebody says rape doesn’t mean it happened. If you have evidence that a crime has been committed why don’t you report it then?

    • What evidence should be provided of rape Andy? maybe a consent form, or a video of the event. It was reported to the Police, but strangely no charges (Woodward was a cop!) Victims of rape do not necessarily have hard evidence and have to have courage to speak up. I do not hear you saying the same thing to Andy Woodward making the same allegation? Did you note the timing he went to the press? Did you see the text messages from his partner?

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