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Ex professional footballer Andy Woodward, and now ex Lancashire Police Officer was sacked with immediate effect on 4th November 2016 after allegations of rape resulted in dismissal for an ‘inappropriate relationship‘..!

Andy Woodward has, after a week of being sacked, approached national press and waived his right to anonymity that was apparently granted some 20 years ago after he spoke out about sexual abuse he alleges happened to him in the 70’s & 80’s.  There is no doubt presented here to his allegations and I will not comment further as it has already been widely published in mainstream media.

What I would like to focus on is the timing of him approaching the press (a week after dismissal), waiving his right to anonymity, but then failing to mention any criminal allegations of rape & assault against himself.  He does not seem to empathise with his victim but lording the sympathy to his own abuse!

Andy Woodward served 12 years in Lancashire Police before being sacked for an ‘inappropriate sexual relationship‘ with a victims family member.  We will call her ‘Amanda’ although this is not her real name.

Amanda reported to Lancashire Police that she had been raped by Andy Woodward.  Lancashire Police arrested DC Andy Woodward and he was soon after suspended pending a criminal investigation.

Andy Woodward soon after moved in with a wealthy new partner, Zelda Worthington after walking out on his former wife, also a Police officer.

Strangely, (if not worryingly) Police did not inform Woodward’s new partner, Zelda Worthington,  that she was living with an ‘alleged rapist’ (see text messages) even though she had young children to a previous marriage and that prima facie evidence of rape existed.  Zelda had raised serious concerns to ‘Amanda’ by text message about Andy Woodward and comments he had made to her 14 year old daughter.

Zelda Worthington had also reported Andy Woodward to the police for assault. Charges she later dropped, Woodward was clearly threatening her from the text messages that Zelda has disclosed.   It is understood that Zelda’s ex partner has also contacted the authorities about inappropriate content he has seen about his 14 year old daughter.

Zelda has also made some astonishing allegations about Andy Woodward sexually assaulting 4 other girls (ages unknown) and confirms that Woodward admitted ‘getting a thrill‘ out of it..!

Zelda also made suggestions that Andy Woodward targeted her due to her inherited wealth.

Zelda Worthington , ‘Amanda’, and Zelda’s ex partner have all made their concerns known to the Police and other authorities about Andy Woodward but little seems to have been done.  No criminal convictions were ever brought against this Police officer.

The appropriate authority involved in the Police investigation is DCI Ian Whitehead.  Whitehead has been reported on this website before, regarding a complaint about him failing to investigate Police officers misconduct properly?    This needs raising as a concern, are Lancashire PSD protecting their own officers from criminal conduct?

It was known to ‘Amanda’ about Andy Woodward’s troubled past, as Andy Woodward was the family liaison officer, ‘Amanda’ became good friends with Andy since this time.  During a drunken exchange of WhatsApp messages between Andy and ‘Amanda’, Andy invited ‘Amanda’ to his home for a drink.  His wife and children were home.  When Amanda arrived, she reported that she was ‘raped’ while his wife and children slept upstairs.

Amanda had said she was going to speak to someone to report what happened, Andy Woodward made numerous threats to kill himself and possibly his family.  Amanda was unable to confide in anyone and under significant emotional stress at this time due to a major family crisis, the same crisis was the reason that Andy Woodward was assigned the family liaison officer.

After months of mental torture and manipulation, Amanda found the courage to speak to the Police and report the incident of rape.

Amanda was told that a misconduct hearing would take place but also told that NO criminal charges will be brought.  CPS had apparently stated that due to her remaining in contact, the allegation would be hard to prove.  No consideration seems to have been given to her emotional state and the manipulation by Andy Woodward, also evidenced by Zelda Worthington in the text messages.

Woodward had requested the misconduct hearing be conducted in private, a request that was granted by Police.  This was alleged to be ‘in case’ there was a breach of a court order awarded to Woodward for giving evidence anonymously some 20 years ago.  The same anonymity Woodward waived soon after being sacked for 12 counts of gross misconduct.  His timing appears to be impeccable!

No criminal charges have been brought against Andy Woodward but he is now some sort of national hero.  Yes, he is brave ‘coming out’ but serious questions must be asked of the timing relative to his dismissal and other allegations.  Questions of allegations against Woodward are in the Public interest seen as though Andy Woodward has brought his own allegations to the press.

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  1. You seem like a troll, why are you harassing this person, if he raped someone he would be in prison
    If he had assaulted other girls where are they? surely they would have been to the police by now? and it seems the 14 year old you are referring to is his partners daughter again she would have reported him!

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