Andy Woodward, why do I even care?

Why am I publishing allegations about Andy Woodward?

The reason is, I am genuinely not allowed to report crimes to the Police.  Lancashire Police have blocked me from reporting crimes to them unless I am recorded by Body Worn Video in a across the board ban, by Lancashire PSD who imposed the ban on me during any communication with them. (Lancashire Police).  The ICO are currently investigating this ban, as is the Lancashire PCC.


Because I have made quite a number of complaints about them and they now allege it is for my protection?

There has never been any reason for a Police Officer to require to video me, I have never had a single allegation against me by Police that would suggest they need a BWV in my presence.  Not one single incident.  Yes, I have had many reasons, I have been assaulted (I got this on video), I have been lied to (caught on audio), I have been threatened (CCTV deleted). I have had no less than 10 occasions where I needed evidence against Police, not vice versa.  The few occasions where I required CCTV that the Police held, it was deleted.  They seriously assaulted me outside my home, little did they know they were caught on CCTV, yet, this CCTV was miraculously deleted.  They seem to lose ALL evidence that would work against them.  How could they record for my protection when they control the footage, and the camera is pointing at me, not the officers they are supposedly protecting me from!

I have been shown evidence by a friend, that has been raped, raped by a serving Lancashire Police Officer, that was sacked as a result of the ‘complaint’ of the rape allegation she made, no criminal charges were brought.

I have also been shown evidence, from a friend, that originates from Andy Woodward’s current partner, Zelda, stating that she has witnesses (4 other girls)  who have been sexually assaulted, 4 other girls of unknown ages.  She even states he made inappropriate sexual comments to a 14 year old girl…

My frustration is, I am not able to report this to the Police, the Police have refused to listen to me (just me I might add).  So, what am I supposed to do.  The rape victim is distraught seeing the man who allegedly raped her, on TV, crying about how he was allegedly raped, and harping on how victims need to be heard!

Lancashire Police have contacted my friend, the rape victim, telling her that she must stop publishing material, but strangely will not tell her why?  This is material that is evidence to her alleged rape and evidence of other crimes committed.  Possibly crimes committed by Lancashire Police themselves that they would rather not come to light!

I will no longer be publishing any more material, I have done all I can, Lancashire Police have made it quite clear from their lack of response that they will not look into these allegations, maybe it is because it was me that brought them to light.  This entire website is a log of some of the incidents I have been victim to with Lancashire Police, you know, those people who wear funny black uniforms and are supposed to serve and protect us!

The press are fully aware of this story, but appear scared stiff to publish.  So, while everyone hails Andy Woodward a hero, not one single question, from a ‘credible’ outlet will ask him for his comments.  All that needs to be done, is ask him some questions…

He will no doubt, deny the alleged rape.  Of course, he will.  He will make other excuses for the comments in the text messages, he will deny the 4 other girls who allege sexual assault, that his own partner divulged.

I have been given this information and no one will listen.   Remember, Andy Woodward himself is making allegations, I personally have no reason to disbelieve his allegations, it must have been awful if true.  But, on the same token, I know his victim and have less reason to disbelieve her, and I have seen the evidence.


  1. I hope you keep giving information because I’m trying to get the information out there on Facebook but I’m being hampered by the major pages refusing to have anything to do with Andy Woodward on their pages.
    A lot of people I know are aware of what’s going on and rely on your website for updates.

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