Andy Woodward instructs Slater and Gordon Solicitors to shut this site down

We have been informed by our web host, that they (our hosts) have been threatened with civil action to take this website down via the following Notice and take-down letter <–click to view it

This Notice and Take Down instgated by Slater and Gordon Solicitors is malicious and we will be seeking legal advice to take action against Slater Gorgon Solicitors who have used the Notice and Take Down illegally as it is used ‘under oath‘.

Slater & Gordon have been reported to the Legal Ombudsman for their abuse causing damage to this website.

Slater and Gordon Solicitors have also made a defamatory libel allegation against a rape victim stating the rape victim is ‘Stalking’ Andy Woodward, her attacker.  It is sick what some solicitors will do for money!

We have now relocated our website due to the malicious actions of Slater and Gordon Solicitors and will continue to relocate on any further attempts to maliciously damage our website.  We can (and will) relocate our server within 1 hour of any further abuse.

The take down notice was sent from Slater and Gordon Solicitors in Manchester on behalf of sacked, disgraced Lancashire Police officer and alleged rapist Andy Woodward. These are facts. 

This website has allowed publication of this factual information in an attempt to prevent a further potential crime.

This website hosts only FACTUAL information by various people.

To make it CLEAR.:

This is a summary of what Slater and Gordon have said about their (paying) client, Andrew Woodward:  They have stated that our website has made ‘false accusations’  (‘really’?) about their client (Andy Woodward).  I refer to the evidence supporting the allegations we have published.

  • That our client has committed rape and various sexual assaults  (evidence here, here, and here)
  • That our client made inappropriate sexual comments to a 14 year old girl (evidence here)
  • That our client cause the collapse of a criminal trial (evidence in mainstream media here)
  • That our client has a criminal past (apply the balance of probability test)
  • That our client has lied to the police (ask for his dismissal documents filled with lies)
  • That our client takes drugs and is a drink driver (evidence here)

Witnesses have agreed to give evidence if required to in a court of law.

So, Slater and Gordon, now you have threatened legal action, we (and this includes the victims) encourage you to follow up with your threats… 

This website will not take threats lightly and practices freedom of speech.

This is a statement from the victim that Andrew Woodward alleges is stalking him:

If Andy Woodward wishes to pursue defamation of character, I am more than willing to provide every text message exchanged between Andy and myself and indeed between Zelda and myself. These are linked to mobile numbers and it can be proven they are genuine. I am also willing to give evidence in court if required. Andy Woodward raped me and I will give evidence to this effect. I’ve had to sit and watch him be portrayed as a hero, knowing what he did to me, and indeed to another victim who has come forward. I have never harassed or stalked Andy Woodward once. In fact, his mother has been issued with a harassment warning for doing that to me. If Andy Woodward wants this out there in full, then I’m more than willing to speak out. I’ve nothing to hide. I will fight this every step of the way.


A negative and factual review was left for Slater and Gordon on Trust Pilot but rather than comment, they reported it to Trust Pilot.  Seems they do not like honesty, here is the review.  I will keep this in the public eye until I get a full apology from them.

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