Andy Woodward publishes a book “position of trust”

Position Of Trust

Who are you kidding… Andy Woodward the disgraced ex-Lancashire police officer who was sacked for inappropriate sexual contact with a crime victims family member has ironically published a book entitled “position of trust“.

Investigations were made into Andy Woodward for an allegation of rape, CPS dropped the charges, the rape still happened.

We are in contact with his victim who is disgusted how Andy Woodward is trying to profit from his past when she just has to watch him reveling in the book “position of trust“.  This is the same ‘title’ she should be using for her own book about Andy Woodward rapeing her when he was in a ‘position of trust!

Lets hope he is ‘open and honest’ and talks about his dismissal from Lancashire police, and the rape allegations made against him

Rumour has it big news is soon to follow.  I suspect once the news is out, his ‘customers’ who bought the book will want a full refund and maybe legal action taken against him for his deceit and lies to profit from a book.


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