** UPDATED ** Andy Woodward DROPPED from Offside Trust board of Directors for RAPE

Andy Woodward assault of women

After only 1 month on the board of directors of the Offside Trust, disgraced ex police officer and ex professional footballer Andy Woodward has resigned was DROPPED from the trust for rape.

This is believed to be due to the ‘allegations’ of him raping a girl and sexually assaulting others.  Another victim has come forward.


Andy Woodward after being secretly‘ sacked from Lancashire Police, went running to the press about his sexual abuse as a child. He failed to tell the press he was sacked from the police for a sexual related incident and that he had been investigated for rape.  Other victims are out there, one has recently come forward and has further evidence.  Even Woodwards own partner, Zelda Worthington reported him for sexual harassment of a child but then she failed to follow this up leaving her own child vulnerable and living in the same house as him.  Woodward is no longer with Zelda, he split and took £300k from her family inheritance.  He has now declared his aim to make £5 million from a book full of lies.

Andy Woodward then formed a charity, the Offside Trust of which he became a director.  Was this all just a smokescreen to take the limelight off his own criminal past!

This has strangely not been reported anywhere in the media, someone really wants this kept quiet!

Andy Woodward, born September 1973 was appointed a Director of the Offside Trust on 21st December 2016 and ‘resigned was dropped 27th January 2017, just a month later.  This Offside Trust charity is to support victims of sexual abuse yet Woodward is accused of the exact same crimes.

LINK to companies house https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/10535742/officers



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