Andy Woodward’s rape victim speaks out

Andy Woodward Accused of Rape
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Andy Woodward, an ex Footballer was accused of rape.  His rape victim speaks out about how she has had to endure the torture of her rapist getting sympathy!


On this night 4 years ago, this ‘man’, Andy Woodward, raped me. There I’ve said it….. he was a police officer, in fact, he was our family liaison officer. Appointed to our family following the near fatal attack on my brother. He repeatedly threatened suicide if I ever told anyone. He threaten that my brother would not get justice if I told anyone.

I eventually reported him. He was never charged. I gave evidence at a police misconduct hearing and he was dismissed for gross misconduct. A week later, he was selling his story of his own abuse at the hands of football coach Barry Bennell. He was and is still hailed a hero. I had to watch this unfold on TV as he gave interviews and shed his fake tears on a TV. I gave multiple interviews to newspapers and even to channel 4, trying to stop this utter nonsense. Not one single paper would expose him as “his story was bigger than me”.

I became intrigued with the legal system and the processes involved in sexual offences. I signed up for a degree to educate myself further and ultimately work with victims of this crime. I’ve had to sit through lectures on sexual offences, learn the law and learn how to treat these crime scenes. I’ve even written an essay on a suspected rape. I’m proud of myself.

Last night I had a major wobble and massively doubted myself and what I was doing. Then I remembered why I was doing this and changed my mindset. I will never allow him to have any control in my life again. I am better than him and I will make a difference and I CAN DO IT.

There have been times when I’ve thought that I’m not worth anything, that I somehow deserved this. I know I didn’t.

I’m not looking for sympathy. It is what it is. i want people to empathise with rape victims. If that victim is someone you know, then just maybe you will look at it differently. I’ve done absolutely everything I can to bring him to justice. Yet, he still evades it. I’m not his only victim.

I’ve spoken about this with people close to me. To be honest, I was shocked to be asked “why didn’t you just say no” and “didn’t you try to stop him”. To those people, please educate yourself on rape. It’s people like you, with that very mindset, who sit on jury’s and make it nigh on impossible to get a conviction. You are the reason conviction rates are so low for rape. You are the rapists best friend, not mine.

I’ve taken part in a documentary for ITV, exposing him and what he’s done. This should be aired in the next few weeks. However, he is yet again xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx  if this is aired. Typical narcissistic behaviour.

i am not ashamed

I will not let him win

I will not be beaten

I will succeed

I will make a difference

His other victim that has taken part in the programme, was 10 years before me. How many more have been in between???



  1. I would be most interested in when this program will be aired on ITV. This man is currently in a relationship with the mother of my 3 children and has shown characteristics to his personality that are very concerning to me.

    • Hi Jason, any information will be posted to this website. If you have a story or concerns that you would like us to publish as a full news article, please let me know.


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