Another civil claim against Lancashire Police for offences against a child

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In January 2020, a further civil claim has been sent to the Chief Constable of Lancashire police, with legal proceedings being initiated in the County Courts.

This is for an offence against a child.

The claim is for a serious data breach by a Lancashire police officer (a Sergeant in CID!) who intentionally provided private and sensitive information about a 13 year old child to a Lancashire police informant named Paul Turner.  Paul Turner then maliciously posted it publicly on the internet.

Once Lancashire police were notified of the breach and the online posting, they refused to assist in any way to have it removed.  It is alleged that Lancashire police wanted to see maximum exposure of this information to cause damage to the child simply as a means to harm the parents of the 13 year old, putting the welfare of a child at significant risk.

The police officer involved was not held to account and allowed to ‘retire’ on what is believed to be a full police Pension.  Civil action is being considered directly against the ex-police officer.

The police informant, Paul Turner was never held to account for his ‘attack’ on a child.  Of course, Lancashire police have a duty of care to police informants, so the child becomes the victim of a crime that police will not investigate.

The IOPC made a recommendation at the time that the breach was SO SERIOUS, the officer should face a misconduct panel, Lancashire police simply refused this and the officer was given ‘words of advice‘.

The ICO also upheld the data breach compliant.

The only organisation that feel there was ‘no wrong’, was good old ‘Lancashire police’.

Now this is to be settled in the public Civil Courts.


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