Application for Judicial Review of decision by Rose Horan of Sussex police, sealed by the High Court.

Rose Horan

An application for permission to Judicially Review a Sussex police decision, made by Rose Horan, has been submitted.  The claim has now been sealed by the High Court and the legal papers have been properly served on the Chief Constable of Sussex police, Jo Shiner, via their solicitor, Belinda Moore of Weightmans Solicitors.

Belinda Moore is accused of intentionally failing to comply with the pre-action protocol for Judicial Review by completely ignoring correspondence.  It is believed this was in hope that the victim was bluffing.

Sussex police instructed Weightman’s Solicitors to respond to the Letter of Claim in which Sussex police tried to blame the victim, saying the victim failed to exhaust the police complaints process before seeking a Judicial Review.

The rules and processes to seek a review of a police decision are simple:

Firstly, the police complaints process cannot be used to seek a review of a police decision, this would be deemed as an abuse of the complaints procedure and is clearly published on the IOPC website.

(taken from the IOPC website Focus issue 2)

Abuse of procedure 
The abuse ground is a far-reaching one covering a number of different scenarios where it can be demonstrated that the police complaints system is being misused or manipulated to influence another process or outcome. It should be used where it can be demonstrated that the complaint should not continue because the complaints system was not designed to cater for such a matter.

(my emphasis)

A police decision can only be reviewed by a VRR (Victim Right to Review), or by JR (Judicial Review).

A VRR is only available if a suspect is interviewed under caution, or if the CPS make a non-charging decision. This information is even on the Sussex police website.

Neither was the case. Sussex police were acting deceitfully by advising the victim to seek a review of their decision via a police complaint.

A Judicial Review is therefore the only mechanism available to seek a formal review of their decision.


Belinda Moore – Weightmans Solicitors

It is strongly believed that Sussex police and Weightman Solicitors knowingly made false representations to the victim in an attempt to bully him into not making the application for JR.

The victim acted properly and professionally and notified Sussex police of their legally flawed response.

Sussex police, via Weightmans Solicitors, seemingly conceded to the remedies sought within the LBC, and the victim was assured that the police would review their decision.  This promise was sent to the victim by Belinda Moore, a Partner of Weightman Solicitors.

Dear xxx

Thank you for your email .

A letter has been sent to you from Sussex police professional standards stating that both your complaint and the criminal investigation will be reviewed and reconsidered.

The letter to you was dated 24 August . I don’t know whether the intention was to post it or send via email.

Kind regards

Belinda Moore

It was suspicious that this communication was, in essence, consenting to the remedies sought in the LBC, which raises the question, “why wasn’t the letter sent from the Solicitors, or even via the Solicitors”?  Furthermore, the letter was being sent via the postal service during a time when there were several postal strikes, also, the letter was being sent after the deadline of the LBC.

The victim requested a copy of the letter by email, which Belinda Moore provided.  This shows that Belinda Moore had the letter and therefore would have been aware of what the letter contained. The letter had no legal standing and was flawed for the purposes of the LBC.

Detective Inspector Mark Cullimore

The letter, which was sent by Detective Inspector Mark Cullimore of Sussex Police Professional Standards, was legally flawed.

Detective Inspector Mark Cullimore used the wrong name for the suspect under investigation and his letter does not (as promised by Belinda Moore) agree to review the decision, the letter from Detective Inspector Mark Cullimore says

I shall also be asking for a review of your criminal allegations to be carried out by a Detective Inspector who has no prior knowledge of the case and has not worked with the officers involved.

(my emphasis)

Although it would appear at first sight that the criminal offence will be reviewed (as promised by Solicitor, Belinda Moore), the letter only promises to ask for a review.

It is believed that this letter was intentionally drafted this way as surely a Detective Inspector of PSD cannot be so incompetent.

In an attempt to clarify the promise and avoid a Judicial Review, several emails were sent to Belinda Moore and DI  Mark Cullimore asking to;

  1. Correct the suspect’s name, and
  2. Make an undertaking that a review would be completed.

The requests were ignored.

So, the victim was forced to spend considerable time and effort to make his application for Judicial Review where at all material times Sussex police were notified of costs.

Within a few days of serving the evidence on Belinda Moore and Sussex police PSD, the victim has been contacted by no less than three separate police officers from Sussex police and it would appear that the failings are now being addressed.

The officers now contacting the victim are a credit to the police. They do not appear to have had any involvement in the previous investigations and appear to be shocked by the failures of Sussex police.

As the Judicial Review process is underway, a formal police response is still expected and unless the remedies are agreed by Mutual Consent, then the Judicial Review process will continue.


  1. This story reflects my experience with both Northumbria Police PSD and Sussex Police PSD . The sadistic and sarcastic responses , the long waits for replies , letters being sent to the wrong address . In my case attempts were being made to force my suicide . The use of gang stalking style psychiatric assaults orchestrated with the illegal misuse of intrusive surveillance involved large numbers of police officers and members of the public , aka ‘volunteer detectives’ and ‘covert human intelligence sources’ . In the case of the Sussex PSD , I had reported that i was being hit with a sonic cannon from the flat above , they had been hitting me with it for over 3 months , the Sussex PSD reply was a single word ‘fanciful’ . I was very lucky to survive that assault . Human beings require time to sleep . The attempt to frame me or murder me trying began in 2000 . The abolition of all PSD’s is needed , the criminality and corruption present within PSD’s is beyond most people’s imaginations . They are prepared to cover up the most sickening and perverted crimes . I’ve contacted every police complaint solicitor in the country , they’ve all refused to assist me .An article on this website covering the police abuse of power claiming ‘prejudicing investigation’ to deny a victim legal redress and the stance of police complaint law firms regarding possible damage to their reputation should they take on some cases would be of benefit to a lot victims who are just starting out on their years of torment . The desperate search for legal representation and the many law firms replies ‘no capacity’ caused me great deal of psychiatric distress . I’m now in the awful position of no longer trusting the police complaint law firms as well as the PSD’s .

    • Dear Author and/or Nathan,
      I do quite a bit of research into this area and know others who’ve experienced or have knowledge of the same. I happen to know and have proven certain parties who have dealings in these matters; who they’re linked to and their exploits/crimes. A strong emphasis on their associations as opposed to ‘proving who they work for’ cannot be overstated. They’re existing with the consent and support of the ruling powers of the country; whilst finding out which branch of government or even if the UK government employs them rather than another government is futile. They use a wide range of people to commit their stalking. This is how the magic works. They favour antisocial, immoral, delusional-type people who want to be secret agents, just like when in primary school they’d be delighting in doing magic tricks with a deck of cards to feel cleverer than the other seven-year-olds. These people are generally self financing through inherritance and being bored out of their minds or on benefits long term with no fear of being cut off. Suplemental funding through presents of cash or trinkets features as text book.
      On the text book issue. They’re governed by some kind of playbook which they’re not allowed to deviate from. They also appear to have some kind of line over which they can’t tred, so they can do things like fake court cases, fake news stories, stalking and harassment but they don’t appear to be entitled to directly partake in violence, so fitting people up and using the police to stalk them’s OK, as it trying to get them Sectioned, but they’re disinclined to turn up at your doorstep with violent intentions; whilst of course they do make visits to create alarm and distress as standard (see the #TwitterTrial’s @ianpuddick and his partaking his illegally obtained personal details, dissemination of the said details, unsolicoted mentioning of foreskins on phone calls to strangers (like @garryburnsblog, a proven state protected paedophile from NSW in Australia, famous for gratuitous precedent-creating court cases and attacking Lucy Turnbull, the then Australian Prime Minister’s wife outside Parliament when he allowed a democratic anti-paedophile vote to ban alleged gays aquiring children to abuse, as with the Truong and Newton case, where the DIAC allowed and then promoted child trafficking from Russia, resulting in years of very serious abuse).

      Pudding is involved in a surprisingly large amount of these operations. He’s connected to Ciaran Goggins, a professional Stalker from Ireland who stalks rape accusers, having bragged in writing about how he got off with a Rape by Stalking and Harassing the allegers/victims. In his wording it’s clear that he relishes bragging of the rape, therefore continuously ‘getting off’ on it.

      Contact me please.
      Tom Cahill

  2. You really are on your own with incompetent police investigation.
    Same amount of years,feel your pain.
    I feel there’s going to be a return of rioting if they dont start listening to the people that paying there wages.
    Employee bullies.

  3. The Rule of Law and the Prosecutor courts exist Lord Reed explains to ensure that the laws made by Parliament and the common law created by the courts themselves are applied and enforced. The role of the courts includes ensuring that the executive branch of government carries out its functions in accordance with the law and in order for the courts to carry out their function, people must have unimpeded access to the courts.
    It is a fundamental principle of administrative law that a public body may only do what it is empowered or required to do whether by statute, whether expressly or necessary implication. For decision makers this means that a public body must make a decision that lies within the requirements of its governing legislation. Equally if they have a duty to perform in determining some question or other, they must not shirk their duty. Doing otherwise would be to render their decision ultra vires and so void.

  4. The “Standing” Family have endured much the same as this for almost 19years. Police Kill My Brother 2009 & my Frail Father 2018. manufactured False Crimes, Malicious prosecution Followed. Blocked by the IPCC (IOPC) & Durham Constabulary. Refused a single Victim / Witness Statement. Thousands of OFFICIAL Complaints against POLICE, simply ignored almost 19 years to date. Endless False Imprisonments. My Little Children endured numerous Attempted Murders, Beaten, Tortured & RAPED, leading to my little daughter Attempting Suicide. Perpetrators rushed to POLICE SAFE HOUSE in BILLINGHAM. Co. Cleveland. U.K.2006 to ? Too much to mention on here.

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