Asst Chief Constable Jo Edwards signs off ‘dubious’ charges

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Today I attended Preston Magistrates today (12th Sept 2019) court facing charges ‘alleged’ by a man named George Vella.

The case has been adjourned for 6 weeks at the request of CPS. No plea was requested.

The charges against me were brought by Lancashire police without CPS advice.  The CPS was not happy about this.

Previously, allegations of ‘harassment’ were made by the same man resulting in Lancashire police setting up a task force!

After a lengthy and financial burden on taxpayers caused by Lancashire police trying to frame me, the CPS determined there was no case to answer and it was NFA’d.  Not before costing taxpayers many of thousands of pounds by Lancashire police determination to convict me of something… again  (see the previous attempt)

Lancashire police, still adamant to frame me, charged me on these same allegations without CPS advice.

Not only that, Lancashire police were fully aware that George Vella had already started a duplicate prosecution in the Merseyside courts based on the same allegations, and knowingly brought duplicitous charges anyway.

The judge in the trial made it clear that something was not right, stating that the charges appeared duplicitous.

To add to the mystery, the duplicitous charge was signed off by the Assistant Chief Constable of Lancashire police, Jo Edwards who has already shown contempt for me.

Why would Lancashire police bypass the CPS and take this to the Chief Constables office, rather than via the correct process which is the CPS?

Why would the assistant Chief Constable of Lancashire police,  Jo Edwards get involved and sign this off?

This is an allegation of harassment.  A summary only offence, that is out of time and has already had a CPS decision of NFA?

Of course, Lancashire police will, as always, fight their corner and try to chuck shit at me in the hope something will stick.

Lancashire police will do anything to frame me as they hate this website and they hate the fact I stood up against them when they protected Paul Turner their police informant.

This case has signs of yet another ‘malicious prosecution’.


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