Asst Chief Constable of Lancashire police signs off harassment charge

Lancashire Police Corruption

Today a summons was sent for a charge of harassment.

The charges were brought by Lancashire police without CPS advice.

The charge was authorised by an Assistant Chief Constable of Lancashire police.

The alleged victim has previously sent malicious messages to the defendant calling him a ‘fucking peadophile’, calling him a ‘kiddy fiddler’, saying he was ‘arrested for child sex offences’ yet to date, no charges have been brought against the alleged ‘victim’ for these atrocious crimes by the ‘victim’ who now says he is harassed.

Lancashire police must provide the CPS with a bundle of unused material.

This is an allegation of harassment.  A summary only offence. Yet the defendant has been the repeat attack of the higher offence of Malicious Communications.

This case has signs of a malicious prosecution.

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  1. I find it quite bemusing that someone that owns numerous sites attacking people moans about people saying things about them. I also find it very strange that you would be shocked for receiving summonses for charges (that’s if charges relate to the posts on numerous sites)
    What I don’t get though is how many times on this site and another site you mention unused material.

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