Bedfordshire and Lancashire police face corruption allegations for protecting George Vella

George Vella created a sickening website intended to have the victim killed

George Vella of Churchfield Road, Bedfordshire created a grossly offensive website calling an an innocent man a paedophile.

This website was created in revenge after George Vella was embroiled in a legal battle against the man which Vella lost in the High Court and was ordered to pay £800 in costs. A order he has refused to pay.

The sickening website by Vella falsely branded the man a paedophile and made numerous false allegations that were intended to have the innocent man targeted and possibly killed.

The website also targeted the mans wife, comparing her to serial killer and paedophile Rose West.

Vella even went on to attack the elderly mother of the victim who has since had a heart attack attributed to the website George Vella created as well as attacking another elderly lady who lives in a care home.

Lancashire police have previously confirmed that George Vella was an operative in a Lancashire police task force called Operation Malaya proving that George Vella is a police operative or an informant.

On 6th May 2021, a man named Gary Enticknap was sent to prison for 4 months. ((READ THE ARTICLE)

Enticknap stumbled across the sick website created by George Vella and went on to contact the man and threaten to kill him and his family.  Enticknap, went on to post further allegations calling the innocent man a paedophile after reading the website created by George Vella.

The website was initially reported to Lancashire police who quickly brushed it under the carpet so the victim went directly to Bedfordshire police.

Bedfordshire police were contacted by Lancashire police who ‘told them not to investigate the offence’, this led to the website remaining online and public for 12 months.  We understand this was because the victim had previously sued Lancashire police for a considerable sum of money.

Inspector 216 Nick Gardner, a police Inspector for Bedfordshire police was instrumental in the decision not to investigate. He is aware of the resulting death threats the victim received and that the website created by Vella was the reason why another man was put in prison.

Inspector 216 Nick Gardner ( is accused of corruption by Perverting the Course of Justice, his decision is now being challenged by Judicial Review.  Gardner failed in his lawful duty as a police constable by refusing to investigate a serious crime and, due to his refusal to investigate, caused 12 months of distress to an innocent family.

George Vella is a sick old man who has been in prison for robbing post offices in the past yet, for some reason, Lancashire police and Bedfordshire police are determined to prevent him being prosecuted. This is believed to be due to the fact George Vella will reveal information that will prove a conspiracy by Lancashire police to frame the victim.

If anyone has any information relating to George Vella of similar incidents, please contact us.

We will pay for legally acquired photographs of Mr Vella.


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