Bedfordshire Chief Constable Garry Forsyth and paedophillia…

Garry Forsyth, the Chief Constable of Bedfordshire police believes it is acceptable to REFUSE to investigate sickening paedophile allegations against innocent people.

A Judicial Review was brought against the larger than life Chief Constable after he backed his officers who refused to investigate a sickening crime where a man, known to Bedfordshire police created a sickening website branding ME a paedophile.

The sickening website actually ‘caught the eye‘ of another man, Gary Enticknap.  Enticknap went on the spread this false malicious information and even threatened to kill me.  For his actions, Enticknap was charged and convicted, he was imprisoned for 4 months, by a different police force who took this seriously.

Garry Forsyth however, felt that the website, which was public for 12 months was ‘acceptable‘ (maybe he would think differently if a similar website was created about him)

He refused point-blank to investigate the sickening crime, leaving me fearing for my life for 12 months, and even still to this day wondering if anyone is planning something. (if you are, prepare to be seriously maimed).

So, after Garry Forsyth abused is power and the public money, by trying to call my bluff over my clear threat of a Judicial Review, I proceeded.

Once the big fella realised I was fully prepared for a trial, the Chief Constable swiftly ‘backed down‘.  Initially, the chubby coward Chief of Bedfordshire police tried to get me to agree to a gagging order if he agreed to concede.     He blew approx £20,000 of public money to try to avoid doing his job then asked me to keep it quiet. Not a chance.  This is of public interest and no amount of money will silence me.

Now a consent order has been drafted and agreed, he has, under duress, agreed to do what he should have done all along, but sadly, the UK Public have foot the bill for his alleged abuse of power.  £20,000 would go a long way to support a charity, but no, the overweight Chief Constable thought he could push his weight about on me.

The investigation will now commence and where lawful, it will be made public.  There is no way this is getting brushed under the carpet after it resulted in death threats to me!

How can the police expect the public to respect them when they act like this.

I suspect a lot of masonic meetings will be taking place about now…

paul turner police informer
Hide and seek champion 2022

The source of this is Lancashire police who allowed a Police Informant, Paul Turner to spread the malicious comments to try to make me ‘back off’ outing the snitch.  The CPS gave them permission to charge Paul Turner for his malicious communications, but they didn’t.  Paul Turner called me a paedophile, they didn’t charge him, so  I called the cop who made the decision that he was an ‘evil shit’… guess what, I was charged with harassment.  You cannot make this shit up.  I was acquitted of this but shows how the police pick and choose what to investigate and charge.

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