Bedfordshire police breach GDPR… ‘oops I did it again!’

Bedfordshire police are no stranger to the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) after a previous GDPR data breach.

oops! I fell asleep again

Just as curvy as Britney Spears, Data Controller Garry Forsyth (the Bedfordshire police Chief Constable) will no doubt say, ‘Oops I did it again‘…

Mark Taylor reported a criminal offence (committed by a vile old man named George Vella) to Bedfordshire police.  George Vella of Churchfield Road Bedfordshire committed the (alleged) offence against Mr Taylors vulnerable and elderly mother whilst she was living in a care home.

In the Bedfordshire police response to Mark Taylor’s criminal report, Bedfordshire police suspiciously decided they would take no action against George Vella.  Rather than stop there, they decided to tell Mr Taylor all about a criminal offence reported to Bedfordshire police by me, (Paul Ponting) going so far as telling him the outcome.

But, not only that, but the sly ***** at Bedfordshire police made false accusations against me, behind my back to Mr Taylor.

The icing on the cake however is that Bedfordshire police have confirmed that George Vella was the culprit of the malicious website that Vella created , labelling me a paedophile and attacking my mother, attacking my wife and attacking Mark Taylor’s mother.  It is believed that Lancashire police may have facilitated the malicious website by ‘turning a blind eye’.


Many people will know that George Vella is a Lancashire police ‘asset’, working with them in Operation Malaya.   This is why the cranks at Lancashire police advised Bedfordshire police not to charge George Vella with the sickening crime, in fact, not even to investigate, however, this has now been to the High Court of London at a cost (to you, the taxpayer) of around £12,000 in claimants costs alone.

Thankfully, Mr Taylor contacted me and alerted me of the personal data breach by Bedfordshire police.

After raising this data breach to Bedfordshire police, and unsurprisingly getting nowhere, the incident was reported to the ICO who, have directed Bedfordshire police to review the Data Breach.

Following this review, a Civil Action (yes, another one) will be brought against Bedfordshire police. (Civil Action Now in progress)

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