Bedfordshire PSD find PS Matthew Carrolls conduct is again ‘not acceptable’ for failing a 78 year old pensioner with a heart condition

Yet again, Bedfordshire police Professional Standards Department (PSD) has found the conduct of PS Matthew Carroll to be ‘not acceptable‘ in how he dealt with a 78 year old female pensioner.


The conduct of PS Carroll is believed to have attributed to a heart attack suffered by the pensioner after PS Matt Carroll failed her as a victim of crime allowing her name and false accusations to remain in public for 12 months.

The elderly lady was attacked online by George Vella of Bedfordshire, who made sickening false malicious allegations about the pensioner, leaving it online for 12 months!

During the 12 months, and due to this anxiety, the pensioner suffered a heart attack requiring emergency medical attention.

George Vella leaving court

The actions of Vella amont to to Malicious Communications yet Bedfordshre police have dug in their heels, refusing to investigate George Vella for the sickening websie he created.

It is beleived that the refusal to investigate George Vella is that Vella is a an operative for Lancashire police, name by Lancashire police as being an operative within Operation Malaya, a task force, created by Lancashire police to target the pensioners son.

Bedfordshire police have confirmed that Lancashire police were instrumental in ensuring George Vella was not interviewed at all, even though Vella attacked one other pensioner who lives in a care home and and also three other people calling them paedophiles or serial killers!

A man has been jailed  ( for repeating the malicious information from George Vella’s website.  CPS reviewed this and determined it was a sufficient crime to bring charges, the court felt it was sufficient to put him in prison.

Why would PS MAtt Carroll and Inspector Nick Gardner think the source of this malicious communication should go un-investigated.

Because it is George Vella.

In a bemusing twist, George Vella is being assisted by Gail Hadfiled Grainger!

Gail is supposedly instrumental in fighting police corruption but it is clear she is assisting a police operative in a coverup.  Anthony Grainger would be turning in his grave if he was aware of how his partner was indirectly helping the police ‘stitch up’ another victim.



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