Breach of bail doesn’t count for knife criminal, James Whitehead say Lancashire police

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A convicted criminal, James Whitehead from Hayfield Road in Ormskirk has now been charged with assault and criminal damage against yet another victim in 2018.

This is the article about James Whiteheads previous knife crime on his own sister.

James Whitehead has 16 previous convictions including knife crime & assault! He is well known to police.

James Whitehead appeared at Preston Magistrates court for his plea hearing for the latest allegations of assault. (for which he was found guilty 25th Feb 2019)

James Whitehead had strict police bail conditions not to contact or in any way approach his victim.

The victim also attended the plea hearing. No provisions were made by police or witness care (who were aware of the attendance). The victim who had to wait in the public area.

When the victim was sitting in the waiting room, James Whitehead shouted verbal threats at him, the victim stood up and went over to the ushers desk to report the incident, telling the court ushers that James Whitehead was on bail conditions. Even then, James Whitehead chased after the victim making threats.

The court ushers were useless and didn’t have a clue what to do.

Sergeant Craig Appleton of Lancashire police has ‘investigated’ the incident. He confirmed that it would be a breach of bail under ‘certain conditions’ but would not be charging James Whitehead. He added that CPS may charge James Whitehead as they have been given the facts.

They said that the count building “has to be treated as neutral grounds, to a degree‘. So the bail conditions do not apply.

Sergeant Craig Appleton said that if the same incident happened outside the court or in a different place they then would have charged him.

It is understandable for certain bail conditions to be difficult to maintain, such as the attacker cannot come ‘within a certain distance’, but bail conditions put in place to stop the attacker approaching and threatening the victim must stand.

Police confirmed the CCTV shows James Whitehead approaching the victim in a threatening manner but, oddly, Lancashire police wont charge him.

After a 2nd call with Sergeant Craig Appleton, it transpires that he has not in fact seen the CCTV evidence at the court before making his ‘objective’ NO CHARGE decision. This raises questions why?

This is not the first time Sergeant Craig Appleton has made decisions prior to reviewing any evidence.

A Subject Access request has been made for a copy of the CCTV evidence from Preston Magistrates Court.



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