Bullshire Strikes Back


A Facebook group allegedly created by real police officers has come under police scrutiny.


It is understood that a number of UK police officers have set up this group to harass people who have been real victims of crime and simply, just abuse the public.

If you have any knowledge of the group police staff who are admins or contributing members, please post their identities here for all to see.


Shame of South Yorkshire Police volunteer officer after abusing woman on Facebook


Insp Brian Sheeran and “Bullshire Strikes Back”.


Shithouse cops hiding behind fake profiles



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  1. Does anyone recognise. Joanne Marie, John Smith, sarah em (sarah marsterson) Wal Green and Barry Coates? Could someone tell me what force they work under and if any of them are still active or retired?

  2. i got in to conversation on this site regarding their treatment of an autistic man in norfolk
    i have reported this to kent police who are liaising with norfolk on this issue
    the site has the names of various officers on it and many profiles which are identifiable
    i have spent my life as an advocate working with officers in many different scenarios including on the streets at night and in courtrooms and police stations
    and feel this site is deeply offensive to good officers and the public
    i am also autistic

  3. Mark William Calaway : PC Daniel Swindles Met Police
    Joanne Marie: CID Officer Tower Hamlets. – supposedly an ex administrator
    Karlos Fandango Pc Karl Beckwith. Cleveland
    Chris Draper – Metropolitan Police

  4. The IP address and locations of TWO Bullshire Strikes Back Admins as of 18/1/2017 are

    Tiscali UK Limited

    PlusNet Technologies Limited

    The above companies have legal requirements to retain the data for 12 months.

    • Hi fan thanks for this info. Could you send me an email address so I could contact you asking a few more questions? If you don’t kind that is?


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