Bullshit from Detective superintendent Pete Simm of Lancashire Police

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Following the article where Lancashire Police Officer Nigel Mungur was found to have sold personal data and imprisoned, Detective superintendent Pete Simm said

“Lancashire Constabulary will continue to act where we find malpractice and wrongdoing within the organisation and take swift action to root it out, to ensure the public can have confidence and trust in us.


What a crock of shit.  Lancashire police have lied and covered up 100’s of crimes to protect their own and to protect a police informant.  They say what they want you to hear, any anyone that believes them is a fool.

Lancashire Police allowed DS Andy Langton off with a ‘management action’ after the IOPC declared a Misconduct Hearing for DS Langton disclosing personal and sensitive information about a 13 year old child to a Police Informant.

Lancashire Police have covered for a Police Informant, Paul Turner to protect his status as a Police Informant.  This was after Paul Turner threatened to kill my wife and children.

Lancashire Police protected DI Martin Melvin from an assault case brought against Lancashire Police even though DI Melvin was proven to have lied in a statement.

Just read  though this website for all Lancashire Police have done, this is pretty much a single family they have targeted,  Now consider the 10’s of thousands of other families they have wronged.

Not all cops are bad, it is the ROTTEN apples at the top of the tree that infect the cops below!

More articles on Detective superintendent Pete Simm will be release soon


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