Calling all victims of police

Have you ever been a victim of police?

Do you want a voice?

We are seeking victims of police who are prepared to be interviewed for our growing YouTube channel.  We want to give you a voice, to tell your story and let the general public see how the police treated you.

This could be anything from the most heinous of crimes to how an officer dealt with you.   We are also hoping to interview police whistleblowers with who we are in contact and will promise anonymity where appropriate.

We are currently selecting our team to undertake the interview process to ensure they are filmed and aired as professionally as possible, however, the primary focus is to give you a voice on our channel.

We are aiming to have our first interview aired early in the new year (2022).

You must be aware that the interviews will be public and open to public debate, there will be trolls but there will also be a huge following of support.

If you are interested in airing your story, please contact us (in confidence) with a brief outline of your story.



  1. First and foremost, I wish to commend and thank you for your excellent exposure of UK police criminality & corruption.
    For the last Sixteen Years, I have undertaken a role as a voluntary community adviser in order to highlight and challenge identified issues of impropriety, in addition to fighting my own personal crusade against prolific police perpetrators (corrupt criminals), as duly
    detailed on Paul Dakers YouTube Channel (May 2019) ‘Open letter to HM The Queen’ .

  2. I have been totally failed by the police force in matters of human rights abuse and sexual abuse and the police force have committed crimes of malfeasance and wilful neglect in public office

  3. I was assaulted by a policeman and the female sat on my table and watched, long story but a lawyer in Liverpool sued them on my behalf, I had a miscarriage 2 days later, the policeman went awal and the female officer moved area, to me the police are legalised bullies and things need to done to stop this

  4. Emotionally and mentally they abused me non stop I followed by them records my calls ….. few of them treat me as I’m gonna get killed by them also was attacked me and pulled my mobile phone from me I’m not give up and took my phone back of him reported online in few days Police Officer called me and she said not enough evidence closing this case I said to her of course because it was one of you and was trying to get the phone of me to get rid of my all evidence conversations pictures and a lot more . All it’s been reported but I don’t seem they doing anything with this I’m looking for solicitor and hopefully someone will help me and also I’m contact my self Crown Court complaints the only what I’m asking is Justice nothing else I know is danger zone I can get killed by them but at least I will saved other girls life because they been doing this for years destroying innocent people lives because they have power instead to keep us safe they are the one who is Mafia and Gang

    • Hi Jenny , I have a story & understand how painful & soul destroying it is when something happened to you & the perpetrators get away with the life changing damage mentally & physically that we suffer a lifetime can also email myself & any woman who has suffered these crimes ,as I’m trying my hardest now to try my best to make a change or anything possible that can help others.I had intrusive interviews & will not say here ,but a highly dangerous individual has been able to get access to addresses & numbers of vulnerable victims & relatives! This individual is cat A still & I really have had enough of being failed over & again & need to get my story out there as it’s really impacted my whole adult life.… I really hope your as well as can be & hope people with these ongoing failures come together & we can get something done..thank you

  5. I will gladly share our family’s story of corruption in Kent police and it culminated in my grandchildren being illegally removed.

  6. I will gladly share my on-going story with you as long as my identity can be protected as such the name provided here is a alias.
    but I can prove that my PNC record has been incorrect for a number of years, and I can prove that an inaccurate PNC was put before a magistrates and I can prove that spent convictions was disclosed to a potential employer.

    feel free to e-mail me

  7. Have reported multiple crimes to the Police and had nothing but intimidation and abuse from them. They turned up at one refuge i was in at 22.30 at night just to intimidate me, I had one officer go thru my room and my personal possessions, they have fabricated data about me, they contacted my Psychologist and claimed i was reported as missing person, they tried to discredit my Suicide Risk Assesment. They failed to investigate any of the crimes i reported. I had one ‘officer’ give a false name and a false rank claiming he was investigating my crimes, another officer claimed he was not listed within the Domestic Violence team. They submitted entirely fabricated reports to the Courts about me. It is clearly not just one force, it appears to be a level of collusion across a number of forces. Most recently when I reported stalking they sent an ambulance! A nightmare from hell that stems from me whistleblowing against a Local authority with a known history of poor safeguarding and which an internal investigation found both the Police and Local Authority were found to be at fault. In continuing Narcissistic manner, they continue to project their failings on to me

    Email can NOT be considered as safe, its clear I have been hacked!

    • I am really unclear as to what the police will investigate! Someone shuts down their lines of enquiries! They love to tag people as being mentally ill don’t they? Suits them to do this, getting doctors on-side!

    • My story is very complicated but at present it’s being investigated by professional standards and then I will be exposing it through the papers as it’s 30 years worth,rape,abuse,cover ups,mass police corruption,chief inspector,chief inspector Iain Livingston,detective constable,Sargents and many more plus evidence collected by myself to prove what they have done

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