Charita Jones (Momma Cherri) website HACKED by Kyoji Mochizuki (aka Taz Ryder), and Sussex police will NOT investigate – I smell a rat

Momma Cherri is a celebrity Chef, and has a website and allegedly allowed her website to be used by a criminal to send malicious messages.

In March 2022, the Momma Cherri website posted Malicious Communications about me, Paul Ponting. (see below)

The Momma Cherri website was “created ‘with Love‘ by Ackerworx”. (Awww, how sweet).

Ackerworx is a company owned by Kyoji Mochizuki, aka, Taz Rdder, of Rectory Close, Hove, Sussex.   Kyoji Mochizuki is a known Cyber Criminal who was convicted for attacking Sussex police and now alleged by many to be a informant for Sussex police, strengthened by the apparent intent to prevent any investigation into him.

This is the Malicious comments that the Momma Cherri website posted about me. (click to enlarge)

ALL OF THIS IS FALSE and only published to show the evidence Sussex police have and refuse to act on.

The postings make Malicious and false allegations, and falsely say their website is being moved to different servers.

The Momma Cherri website was, and still is hosted by VULTR.  The name servers have never changed and remain as



Taz Ryder uses the same company (Vultr) to host his own website and his VPN nodes.

The Momma Cherri website was originally captured in December 2021, again in February 2022 and March 2022 by the Wayback Machine, Google Archive showing it was coded by Ackerworx.

This was BEFORE the alleged ‘hack’ of the Momma Cherri website.  You can see prior to the hack, the Momma Cherri website was coded by Ackerworx. (Taz Ryder).

After reporting the abuse to Momma Cherri via her Facebook page, she claims her website was ‘hacked’.  She said;

So, clearly, Momma Cherri is suggesting her website was hacked.  Hacking is a Criminal Offence, contrary to the Computer Misuse Act 1990

The posting on her website was Malicious Communications, contrary to s1 of the Malicious Communications Act 1988

There is no evidence that Momma Cherri reported this to the police.

Momma Cherri did not ‘reach out’ to me, the victim of her website attack.

Momma Cherri never posted any public apology about the alleged hack or affect on the victim.

 In fact, when I contacted her, she claims ‘not to know me‘.  I call Bullshit.


Sussex police have all this evidence (and more) and will not investigate, and so far, we do not believe Momma Cherri reported the criminality on her website.

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