Charity Chairman, Magistrate & ex-Lancashire police officer admitted to have acted maliciously and unlawfully

An ex-Lancashire police officer and current serving Magistrate, who went on to become the Chairman of a Blood Bike charity has finally been exposed, by the Charity Committee, for acting Maliciously and Unlawfully against an innocent Blood Bike Volunteer.

The full apology has now been published on the North West Blood Bikes website and will remain there for at least 41 days.

After which it will be permanently archived on Google here

The committee admitted that the then Chairman, Paul Brooks posted a malicious and unlawful article on their charity website as well as other malicious actions.  The victim, Paul Ponting, contacted the charity telling them the information was false and malicious, the charity ignored him.

Mr Ponting contacted Lancashire police, who also ignored him.

The malicious article was public for 41 days.

Mr Brooks had conspired with Darren Hogan, a criminal from the West Midlands and a Lancashire police operative, part of Operation Malaya.

Mr Ponting has now sued the Charity for a substantial sum of money, the financial loss is significant and, it has been suggested that Mr Brooks should foot the bill.

The Charity also spent an unspecified sum of money to Harrison Drury Solicitors, from public funds, they tried to make the whole thing go away. This failed.

Mr Brooks, who is a serving Magistrate and Freemason, received a stern warning from the judiciary telling him he must not use his judicial status (‘JP’) for personal matters.

It’s now discovered that Brooks has defied the Judiciary and continued to use it in a personal email he sent to the committee on 7/7/2021 and inadvertently cc’ing Mr Ponting.  Brooks was trying the get them to renegade on a legally binding agreement and even asked for a ‘face to face‘ meeting with a Charity Trustee.

The Charity secretary also inadvertently cc’ed Mr Ponting in a ‘heartfelt’ email to Mr Brooks, telling him that Haydn, one of the Charity trustees, was ‘looking out for his [Paul Brooks] best interests‘ when a trustee has a legal obligation to look after the Charities best interests.




The Magistrates Association have been asked for their comments.



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